Titi’s Erotic Notes: Hunger

Titi’s Erotic Notes: Hunger

Itohan Ferguson

Nikita woke up with a jolt, this is the third night in a row, she has had her sleep interrupted by the feverish throbbing between her legs. Saying she was starved, is an understatement. Disgruntled she got out of bed and made her way to her closet, which had her secret stash of assorted sex toys, as she makes up her mind, which would take her to cloud nine.

The tantalizing image of her hunky next door neighbour Osa, danced just out of reach before her eyes and suddenly her toys held no appeal for her. She remembered the first time she had seen her sexy dimpled neighbour and her journey of celibacy had suddenly become difficult.Nikita went back to bed, tormented by the image of him working out shirtless, pectorals bouncing and the sexy sheen of sweat that ran down his naked torso. Cheerfully he had smiled at her that morning, revealing his very deep dimples, he said a hello and continued his exercise.

Nikita squeezed her thighs together, in glorious agony, hoping to get relief, her clitoris throbbed even worse and she groaned. She wanted Osa so badly that she could almost taste it, he was a bad boy, but she couldn’t help herself. A quick glance at her bedside clock, gave the time as 1am.

Before she would change her mind, Nikita impulsively got out of bed and flimsily threw a wrap over her lacy lingerie and walked from her apartment,to the door right across the hall. Giving no thought to what she was doing, she rang the door bell.

Breathlessly waiting for an answer, the thought, that he may have a guest flittered in her mind and the mere idea that he wasn’t alone worsened the wetness between her thighs and her clitoris throbbed even worse. She could imagine the vision she made, eyes dilated with arousal, breasts swollen and nipples aggressively pushing against her satin lingerie.She had come this far and could not turn back now and she rang the bell once more.

A confident velvety baritone responds, from the other side of the door “who that?”. She huskily answers,  “it’s your next door neighbor”

Just then, her Adonis of a neighbour flung the door open, looking at her askance, she could not remember him being this tall and imposing, oozing such overwhelming sex appeal.

“Good morning Nikita”, his greetings brought her crashing back to earth. She had been looking at him, mouth open, eyes lingering over his naked chest, till it rested at the apex of his groin, revealing the dark pubic hair, as his pajama bottom hung dangerously low.

“I came to borrow some sugar, she responds. Even the lie sounded hollow to her ears.

The moment is electric, he is looking at her, she is looking at him and the world stops. As if on cue he steps closer, kissing her lips, he lifts her and she feels the throbbing warmth of his penis.

Pausing he whispers in her ears, “are you sure, you just want sugar”.

Helplessly she moans and that is all the surrender he needs, as Osa lifts her into his apartment, and kicks the door shut behind him.

Nikita is trembling helplessly and her blood is raging from the scream of her arousal, carefully Osa, places her on the dining table, and spreads her legs open, as he goes on his knees to worship at her temple.
Tongue twirling around her swollen clitoris he sucked her hard, going slow and  then fast, while his finger found its way to mouth of her vagina, slowly thrusting, one finger then another. Greedily her muscles clamp tight on his fingers and Osa is lost.

He hears a whimpering from far away, “please”, the voice said over and over again, begging, pleading for what seemed so near but out of reach. Osa stands up, removing his pajama bottoms, he is ready, stiff and unyielding. “Please”, the voice called again and that is all the encouragement he needs as he takes off her lingerie and wrap, lifting her from the dining table, high in the air, brings her down hard on his turgid rod.

As he impales her, with his dick, her eyes opens momentarily and she inhales deeply, coming to terms with the delicious  intrusion of his cock, within her body.  There is a pause, a moment to feel as two become one, connected by a fragile thread. Nikita throws her legs around his waist, pushing him even deeper inside her body.

He thrusts ever so gently, savouring the sound her wet vagina makes, as he goes in and out. Osa paused his thrusts and walks in the direction of his bedroom, his cock still buried deep inside of Nikita. He lays her gently on the bed and kneels over her, his dick catches the dim night light and the creamy wetness of her, coating his dick shimmers .

She smelled of cookie dough and woman.

Then he leans close, kissing her trembling lips, his hard cock resting on her belly, Osa leaves her lips and trails kisses down her neck, to her breasts and his warm tongue latches on to a nipple and Nikita arches her back in response to the sexual torture.

Osa gently leans away from her, just as he lifts both her legs, placing them on his shoulders and then he thrusts deeply into her once more. Nikita could not escape it, as her body makes room for the length and thickness of him.

He goes slow at first and then fast, the passionate thrust becoming more powerful. Harder and faster, her breasts bouncing to the rhythm of his thrusts, as he pounds away.
He could feel her going over the edge, “ I am not done with you” he whispers. He stops the movement of his waist and Nikita screams at the sheer agony of his denial.

“Please” she begs again. He is her puppet master, pulling at her strings.

He quickly and expertly turns her around, bringing her up to a kneeling position. Now he has a delicious view of her round and soft buttocks, he smacks the soft cheeks gently and Nikita moans some more, trembling in anticipation.

Osa has a hand holding her waist tight, while the other guides his cock, into her waiting body, he lifts her buttocks even higher, forcing her face into the pillow. Then he proceeds to vigorously pound her. Now he has both hands on either sides of her waist holding her tightly, there is no escape from the onslaught of Osa’s penis, the entire length and thickness of him.

The vibrations of her buttocks against his groin, as he fucks her, is almost too much for him, he grits his teeth to stop himself from climaxing. Nikita is screaming his name over and over again. The muscles of her vagina clamps him really hard, as if to forcefully milk him of his essence, now it is his turn to beg her.

One thrust, then another and another,  Osa and Nikita fall over the edge, in a burst of light. He spills his seed into her and collapses breathlessly against her body, he is numb. He could not bring himself to disengage from her.

He holds her tight, without coming out of her and they both catch their breaths and let the tremors of their orgasms subside.

The one thought in Nikita’s befuddled mind is, “ what a delicious way to sate her two year hunger”.

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