Titi’s Erotic Notes: The Peeping Tom

Titi’s Erotic Notes: The Peeping Tom

Itohan Ferguson

Rebecca had been home for about a week, since the ASUU strike began, she was bored out of her mind and had no one to talk to, practically all day. The day’s routines were usually the same, stay home alone, as soon as everyone in the compound and her immediate family members left for their businesses.
The only other person in the huge compound, was Suliat, her neighbour’s maid, even then, she couldn’t count her as one for good company, because she was always busy with chores.

Since her forced return home from school, she had noticed an oddity and she didn’t know exactly what to make of it. As soon as everyone in the compound, both children and adults alike were gone for the day, She would hear Suliat’s wailing from the apartment below, and she wondered at what crimes the poor maid may have committed, that she got punished daily, if her whimpering was any indication.

As if prompted by her thoughts, Suliat’s wails ruptures the cloying stillness of the quiet compound, it would seem the hapless maid would get no reprieve today. Moved by an unfathomable curiousity to get to the root of the maid’s plight, she set the book she had been casually perusing aside and walked to the front door of her own home, ears straining to catch the sound of a cane or blow, anything that would explain these  screams, but she hears none.

Rebecca quietly shuts her apartment door and tiptoes down the stairs barefoot, letting the muffled screams guide her, the desperate cries of the aggrieved maid was coming from a window behind the building. Careful to make no sound and not get seen, she peers into the open window.

What she sees looking into the window, leaves her shocked and transfixed at once, her eyes are huge and she is barely blinking. Suliat is seating on Baba Segun’s face. Rebecca leans closer into the window, as if to disprove the vision before her.

Baba Segun is lying on the floor, naked, save for his ‘shokoto’ and his wife’s maid, is seated, slowly riding his face. Unlike Baba Segun, Suliat is naked, her head thrown back, eyes tightly shut and mouth agape as a thin line of saliva escapes her lips. She has her thighs resting on either side of his face, trapping him, while her hips slowly undulates to the rhythm of his tongue.

The sound coming from Baba Segun is almost guttural, his face beaded with sweat, as he feverishly ate at her table, the top of his lips is coated with perspiration and her juices. He has both hands kneading Suliat’s massive backside, as he holds her in place, so she does not escape the onslaught of his tongue. The air is filled with Baba Segun’s slurping grunts, Suliat’s moans of pleasure and the loud thud of Rebecca’s beating heart.

She had become a peeping Tom, but try as she might, she couldn’t bring herself to look away from the raw vision of animalistic mating before her. Baba Segun violently smacks Suliat’s backside, and it is a sign as she stands up from her sitting position on his face, he hastily divests himself of his ‘shokoto’, just as his penis sprang free from the restraints of his clothing.

Rebecca is in awe of his cock, she had never seen anything more beautiful, it was thick, veined and the tip was an aggressive pink colour. It is unbelievable to her that docile, unassuming and bespectacled Baba Segun had this type of penis.

As she contemplates the incongruity of his member and his person, there is a rush in her veins as heaviness descends, in the region between her legs and she squeezes her thighs  in a bid to ease her mounting arousal.

As she watches, Suliat backs the window and goes down on all fours, giving Rebecca a clear view of her hairy swollen vulva, even as her juices drips to the floor, smacking her buttocks one more time, Baba Segun mounts her, he doesn’t kneel behind her as expected, he straddles her waist and begins to ride her like a stallion.

In that position, Rebecca could could see Baba Segun’s balls vigorously swinging, with each violent thrust. It is indeed a loud coupling, perpetuated by Baba Segun’s grunts and Suliat’s screams of ecstasy.

Mid stroke he disengages himself and turns the lusty maid over, now she is lying down on the floor, her legs spread so wide, Rebecca thought any wider and Suliat would split herself in half. And he mounts her again, his thrusts are frenzied and merciless, his grunts get louder, with each thrust and Rebecca is awed and terrified that he hadn’t passed out from the physical exertion.

One final thrust, one final grunt, he goes over the edge, taking the maid with him, the tremors of his orgasm has his buttocks vibrating and Rebecca sees it all.

Baba Segun pauses for a moment to catch his breath, then he disengages himself from the maid, “Dide” he tells Suliat, but she doesn’t respond, her legs are still spread and her eyes are shut. With Baba Segun no longer on top of her, Rebecca sees the violence he had wrought on the hapless maid, her sex is even more swollen and is an angry red colour, just as his and her juices overflow.

Rebecca had seen enough and turns to walk away, before she is discovered as a peeping Tom, every step she takes is torture as her thighs knead her swollen clitoris.

Now how to get her own turn, was the thought in her head as she makes her way home.

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