Titi’s Erotic Notes: The Groomsman

Titi’s Erotic Notes: The Groomsman

Itohan Ferguson

Weddings weren’t really her thing, they bored her half to death with their banalities. Deb uncomfortably adjusted the really tight dress she wore, while she dragged her mind once more to the festivities. She looked with disgust at her date as he stuffed his face with the moi moi, rice and fish platter before him. She wonders what she is doing at an event with him as she inwardly shudders.

Probably for moments like these, when she needed an emergency date for a function, Deb had refused attending this wedding alone, She thought it mortifying, being labeled in the category of single women who turned weddings to hunting grounds for eligible men.

As she contemplated her boredom and ineffectual date, unbidden the memory of this morning’s activity rose to her mind, leaving her covered in goose pimples. It had everything to do with her favorite toy, pornhub and a tortured Kamal, tearfully pleading to join her private party. She hated sex with him, the one time it had happened, she had regretted it, Kamal did not know how to fuck and she was above enduring his childish fumblings.

Truth be told, she enjoyed teasing his cock, watching him suffer for being a lousy lay, when she felt magnanimous, she would allow him suck the pussy juice from her climax, other times she ignored his pleadings for a fuck. The image of a beseeching Kamal, begging her for sex, uplifted her from the moodiness she felt.

Just then something or somebody crosses her line of vision, forcing her to reality, then she sees him, the devilishly handsome groomsman, tall, ebony and bearded. It didn’t help that when he smiled, she caught the deepest dimple she has ever seen.

The groomsman turns to her in that moment and their gazes collide, it is magnetic and then he mischievously smirks at her, a slight lift of his gorgeous lip. Imperceptibly, he tilts his head to the left and she may have missed it, if she hadn’t been staring intently at him.

As if drawn by an invisible force, Deb excuses herself from her table and makes her way in the direction he had nodded at. She doesn’t understand the feverish excitement that overwhelms her, as she makes her way to the devilishly handsome stranger.

It didn’t help her situation that she had caught his gaze while she thought about this morning. Another ripple of anticipation goes through her body and she is seized by an unexplained sense of urgency, for what exactly, Deb she could not define it.
The giddiness in her head, did not lessen and she wished that she hadn’t taken the second glass of champagne that could be a reason she wasn’t thinking straight right now. She walks out of the venue and confronts the evening, she had no clue it was dusk already, because the hall had been brightly lit.

There he stood in the shadows, she does not see his face, just the whites of his teeth as he smiles and it draws her to him.

Hello beautiful” he softly called to her, she swallows and could only manage a squeak at his greeting, now Deb was close enough to his frame,to register his overwhelming masculinity. She takes a deep breath and starts to say “my name is…” he puts his fingers to her lips in a hushing motion, “no names beautiful”. This doesn’t quell her excitement and it is roaring in her ears.

The groomsman draws her closer to him in an intimate embrace, his nose by her hair and neck and he takes in a deep breath, as if to drown himself in her essence. Deb shivers, she could not understand the fire he had awakened in her. She prided herself in being a detached woman, not given to wild excitements, now this was happening.

The soft brush of his lips against hers, brings her back to reality, he doesn’t kiss her, he is waiting, for permission to consume her. She slowly rests her hand on his chest, over his heart and she can feel its erratic beat, mirroring hers. That is all the permission he needs, as he draws her even closer for their first kiss.

He tasted like mint, man and wine, as their lips dance, he grabs the bottom of her lips, softly biting and then sucking it. He pauses the kiss halfway and stands away from her, he is looking deeply into her eyes waiting and she gives him a nod. He takes her by the hand and lead her down an even darker passage, it is the stairs, where it led, she had no clue and did not care.

They stand in the dark stairwell, nobody says a word to the other and he leans close again to capture her lips Deb is not thinking, she doesn’t want to think, the only thing that made sense was quenching this fire that he had awakened in her, nothing else mattered.

His lips leave hers and travel to her neck, then her ears, she is lost, she feels cold air wash over her back and she realizes that he has opened her dress and her zipper is down. His hands caresses her back, traveling lower, passed her lace panties, he clutches a butt cheek.

The groomsman reaches down, all the way, to her pussy. Deb is wet, swollen and ready, as his finger slides in, her vagina instinctively clasps his curious fingers, trapping him. He takes a deep breath and moans in wonder. He removes his finger from her hidden place, then he brings it to his lips, “you taste so good”, he whispers.

In one sweeping motion, he has her dress pooling at her ankle and Deb steps out of them, she is just in her stilettos and underwear, she is glorious and his eyes devours her body. She feels fearless and liberated under his gaze. Deb goes down, kneeling before him, she was ready to worship his cock.

Slowly and deliberately, she unzips the fly of his pants and his dick springs free, rudely smacking her in the face. He has no briefs on, this discovery only excites her even more, as she closes her lips over his erect penis and he takes a breath, throwing his head back.
Deb proceeds to thoroughly fuck the groomsman with her lips, he is lost and moaning, she runs her tongue across the entire length of his shaft, tilting her head, puts her lips around his balls, sucking them carefully, while her hands strokes the shaft of his turgid rod.

She could feel the groomsman shiver at the onslaught of her tongue, but she wasn’t done with him yet, she needed to taste his essence, she needed to have him to cum in her mouth. As she knelt, Deb parts her legs, while her lips are fucking the groomsman, she is finger fucking herself.

It was too much for the groomsman and he picks her up, turning her around, he bends her over, he tears her panties, holding her waist tightly, he enters her roughly, there is a sense of urgency with his thrusts. As his cock repeatedly impales her, tension builds up within her, until it reaches an unbearable crescendo.

There is loud moaning, hers or his, Deb could not tell, he was fucking her so hard that her buttocks were vibrating. This was what she needed, what she has been missing. In one final thrust, he pushes her over the edge and falls with her, she feels his hot essence, deep inside of her.

“Damn beautiful, let’s take this party some place else”. She agrees with him, she hurriedly puts on her rumpled dress, she imagined how terrible she looked. She walks towards the hall, to get her purse and discharge Kamal, the groomsman’ spunk running down her legs, brings a smile to her flushed face.

She cannot wait for more…

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