What Dignitaries Said At Olojo Festival

What Dignitaries Said At Olojo Festival


By: Tunde Ogunmola

President Muhammadu Buhari’s Message To Ooni of Ife on The Celebration of Olojo Festival

The President asked me to felicitate with the Ooni, his imperial majesty, Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja I I on the celebration of this festival and wish him many more years on the throne. His Excellency appreciates the contribution of his royal majesty to the maintenance of peace and National unity in the country, said Prof. Isaac Adewole.

Senator Iyiola Omisore

Senator Iyiola Omisore was one of the dignitaries at the Festival and he has this to say about Olojo Festival: “Olojo is the symbol of Ile ife, today is a unique day for Yoruba. We thank God that we are able to see today, and pray to see tomorrow. We have cause to celebrate. Cultural development is an excursion and Culture is an experience that can be exported”.

Queen Diambi Kabatu Suila Luba Empire of Congo (DRC)

“It is an amazing experience for me, and amazing celebration. It looks as if the world is being created again. There is a lot of energy, there are beautiful things happening here. It is indeed a great day to celebrate. When I get back to Congo, I will tell my people that our mothers, sisters and brothers in Ile-ife are amazing, and accommodating”.

Olojo Festival is Second To None In Africa – South African Brian Hibdin

A South African man, Brian Hibden has rated the Olojo Festival as one of the biggest cultural Festivals in Africa, if not the best. TUNDE OGUNMOLA cornered him at the Olojo Festival, and he has this to say about the festival:

Are you surprised to see people celebrating creation of the earth?

Firstly, the revitalization and re-energizing of the festival is great. As you can see, from cultural point if view, it is one of the biggest Festivals in Africa, if not the biggest Festival in Africa, certainly, one of the biggest cultural Festivals in Africa.

As a South African, Compare this festival with other festivals in Africa and the world over?
South Africa has many cultural Festivals. However, there is no place anywhere in the world or in Africa that can exceed this from time point of view. If we argue that Ogun was an individual who started this festival, it certainly exceeds other festivals by many thousands of years that’s number one. Secondly, from Africa point of view, it is unique and more colourful than any other Festival, from colour spectacular point of view, it is second to none.

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