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Making People Laugh is Hard work (Photos)

Making People Laugh is Hard work (Photos)

Itohan Ferguson

When I received the invitation to attend Comedy Central’s debut of ‘Grab the Mic’, yesterday Sunday, 15 of October 2017, at the Sheraton Hotel Ikeja, I could not contain my excitement.

Who would pass up an opportunity to be entertained by several talented upcoming comics. To even have Alibaba and Seyi Law in attendance was huge and I did not have to pay an exorbitant amount to enjoy the show.

The turn out for people waiting to audition was quite impressive; while talking to most of the auditionees, I was left in stitches by their antics, hence my optimism that I would definitely enjoy the show.

Making People Laugh is Hard work (Photos)

It is quite commendable that Comedy Central and Maltina took the initiative to organise a talent show for comedians.

The entertainment scene is littered with several talent shows for singers, dancers and actors, but none for comedians. It is rather telling how this thriving industry is all but ignored.

Making People Laugh is Hard work (Photos)

In my opinion, comedy is a lucrative business, if the gridlock in traffic and the massive attendance of people in any major comedy show is any indication.

Well Comedy Central and Maltina are paying attention and have organised an audition, to give an opportunity to upcoming comic acts, who would otherwise not have one.

The audition is slated in three major cities in Nigeria; Lagos, Port Harcourt and Jos. I was excited about attending the Lagos try out.

None other than Alibaba, Osam and social media star Wofaidada were the judges for the audition. Seyi Law was the host of the show.

Making People Laugh is Hard work (Photos)
L-R Wofaidada, Alibaba and Osam

Sitting there, watching several upcoming stars struggle desperately to make Alibaba laugh was indeed too painful to see. While some were good comedians, others were tasteless, leaving me wondering whoever encouraged them to audition as stand up comics must be flogged.

Indeed, stand up comedy is an art and it is very hard work making an audience laugh. It is no easy feat and I must commend the bravery of these contestants, it is doubtful I will ever be that brave.

As the competition for who the next Nigerian Comic star gets tougher as ‘Grab the Mic’ moves to the city of Port Harcourt this weekend, the words “May the best man win” rings true.

Making People Laugh is Hard work (Photos)
Making People Laugh is Hard work (Photos)