Seyi Law’s Advice to Upcoming Comedians

Seyi Law’s Advice to Upcoming Comedians

Itohan Ferguson

Happenings was present at the debut of ‘Grab the Mic’ by Comedy Central and Maltina on Sunday 15 of October 2017 at the Sheraton Hotel Ikeja, which had judges like Alibaba, Wofaidada and Osam present at the talent show for upcoming comedians.

The talent show was also anchored by Seyi Law and in a conversation with him asked what his advice for upcoming comedians was.

The comic star has this to say:

“First you have to know how to build a way to their own originality, I am not against people who start of using other people’s comedy, but dwelling on it and not growing is what I find quite ridiculous.

“At one point we have all done somebody’s joke, but then we have been able to grow beyond that stage and we are still growing, because this is a thriving industry.

“If we don’t check the influx of people of people who are coming in and  dwelling on other people’s jokes, we might end up destroying the industry.

“I will tell them, build your way to your own originality, first of all.

“Understand yourself properly, because that is the mistake some people make, You walk in the shadow of another person and you become a duplicate of an original.

“For example if you walk in the shadow of I Go Die and you are told that you perform like I Go Die,  then you don’t have your own name.

“I also tell people, everything around you, can aid your business. Also spontaneity is something that never fails, which is what the comic veteran Alibaba is pushing for now.

“So I tell upcoming comics, when you are somewhere, look around you, pick two or three things and try to develop spontaneous material .

“If you keep doing that on a regular basis, you will build enough material that will last you a long time.

“Another thing, reality is something that people can easily relate to, because of that, dwell and build materials around reality.

“And if you are going abstract, try and make your comedy convincing enough for people to laugh.”

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