Titi’s Erotic Notes: Double or Nothing (18+)

Titi’s Erotic Notes: Double or Nothing (18+)

Itohan Ferguson

Since Rebecca witnessed what had transpired between Baba Segun and Suliat that day, she had been tormented with the vision of their mating. Who would have thought that docile and unassuming Baba Segun, was capable of having that type of animalistic sex.

Saying she wanted her turn on his beautiful cock was putting it lightly, she needed Baba Segun to fuck her as he had fucked Suliat that day.

How to go about getting her wish is what she had wracked her head for days about, and found no answers. She had been overtly polite in her encounter with him, when that hadn’t worked, she had become more blatant with her seduction.

She remembers when she had gone visiting the Seguns, when mama Segun was not looking, she parted her legs for Baba Segun who had been sitting right opposite her, giving him a clear view of her pantyless crotch. Yet he had refused to take the bait. The only reaction to betray he saw what she had been offering, was the imperceptible widening of his eyes.

Even though his eyes lingered, he had looked away and never spoken about it, and she almost believed she imagined the entire episode.

She is frustrated, night after night, she masturbated to the vision of Baba Segun and Suliat’s mating.  Rebecca also felt envy, that Suliat had been  the chosen one to satisfy his lust. Her mind is made up, she would get to him through the maid.

Rebecca accosted the maid one evening, “how far suli, I wan see you o!”. The maid seemed obviously in a hurry to go about her errands, but Rebecca wasn’t having it. And blurted the words that struck the maid with such terror “I see you and Baba Segun as una dey fuck when nobody dey house”.

The impatient maid is struck motionless and she looks like she would pass out, immediately she gets  on her knees “abeg no tell my madam, she go kill me,” she tearfully exclaims.

Rebecca satisfied that she had gotten the maid’s attention says“ I no go tell your madam, that one no concern me, I want make you tell Baba Segun say I want make we three follow fuck”.

it is obvious to Rebecca that the maid did not expect her request, “ that preeq way him dey give you, I want my own, I don tire for this small small boys way no sabi.” The maid relaxes a little bit, now she she knows she will not be outed and she responds albeit cautiously “I go tell Daddy.”

Rebecca pushes the knife even deeper when she says, “tell am say if him no gree, everybody for compound must hear, I go expect him answer by this evening,” she finishes. Optimistic that she would have her way, she walks towards her apartment to finger herself in anticipation of the illicit activity that is sure to unfold.


Later that evening, Suliat had timidly requested her presence from her mother, “I wan see Aunty Rebecca”. The moment Rebecca  heard the maid’s voice, she is out of her room in a flash.

Taking her co-conspirator’s hand, she leads her to a private part of the compound, “Suli ha fa, him don gree?”, she asks. The maid nods her head and says “Daddy don gree, him talk say make you come our house when everybody don comot, tomorrow”.

She can barely contain her excitement and her pussy is flooded in anticipation, the only thing she manages to say is “ok” as she excitedly skips home, tomorrow seems so far away.


Rebecca’s dreams had been dominated by images of her getting thoroughly ravished, she tossed and turned as she impatiently waits for dawn and its scandalous promise. She is out of bed at the crack of dawn, this has everybody at home surprised, that her mom asks “ahan! you dey comot, as you wake up early so? “No ma” had been her response.

She is known to stay in bed much later than everyone else, since she came home from her ASUU imposed holiday.

Rebecca took extra care with her shower , it is indeed a struggle not to masturbate and gain satisfaction, she wanted to fan the flames of her desires, until it became a raging fire only Baba Segun will quench.

She can barely contain her impatience, at having everybody out of the house and her mother more than once raises a brow at her fidgetiness. Finally she is alone, to ensure none would come back unannounced, she waits another 30 mins. It is the longest 30 mins of Rebecca’s life.

With her heart in her mouth, she makes her way to Baba Segun and Suliat’s den of sin.


She quietly knocks on the door, as she waits to get invited in, her resolve becomes shaky, but the throbbing of her clitoris reminds her of the torment she had suffered since that fateful day she had been the peeping Tom.

Suliat throws the door open, she is clothed in just a wrapper and the glazed look in her eyes, tells Rebecca that the party had started without her. She is led into a much bigger room, different from where she had spied the couple from.

Baba Segun is sprawled on the bed, completely naked, his erect penis, even more veined and unyielding than ever.  His throbbing cock looks like an angry conqueror, on seeing her, he stretches his hand beckoning to her.

Rebecca needs no other invitation, as she begins to strip, Suliat is already out of her wrapper, waiting for her to get completely naked. She takes her hand, leading her to the sprawled form of Baba Segun.

Rebecca, takes his hand and he pulls her, until she is lying on his body, he lightly kisses her lips, then her neck, hoisting her form, he places her in a sitting position over his face. With the warm flickering of his tongue, she dies a thousand deaths, what she feels , she had never felt before.

She is yet to recover when Baba Segun begins a mating dance with her clitoris using his tongue, as her clit gets even more swollen in response. A mewling sound fills the room and she has no idea it is coming from her.

She feels Suliat’s soft breasts and flesh, behind her, apparently without further ado, the maid has planted herself on Baba Segun turgid cock. Rebecca could feel the soft bounce of Suliat’s breasts against her back as she rides Baba Segun with abandon.

This and Baba Segun’s mouth, greedily eating her pussy, is her undoing, as she holds on to the bed post, as if to stop herself from falling. Baba Segun has both palms holding her waist in place, for fear she may escape from the flood of pleasure he is unleashing upon her.

Suliat daringly has both hands cupping Rebecca’s breasts, even as she continues to ride his strong cock.  The creak of the bed, Rebecca’s mewlings, Suliat’s moans and Baba Segun’s grunts, becomes an erotic orchestra.

All of these is too much for Rebecca to take and she begins to fall, Baba Segun sensing  how close she is to her climax, suddenly lifts her from his lips, dislodging the maid from his turgid member, he forcefully impales Rebecca. He doesn’t move, as he allows her get accoustomed to his length and formidable size.

Immediately Rebecca feels him deep inside of her, she gasps, the fantasy of him inside of her, did not come even close to the reality of him deep inside . Then he begins to move, his thrusts are confident and strong.

His grunts are in sync with his thrusts, his hands never leave her waist, Baba Segun is not gentle with his torture and Rebecca doesn’t need his gentleness. He is almost feral with concentration, he stops his thrusts and then lifts her high and forcefully impales her once more.

Nothing matters in that moment, save what he is doing to her womanhood. Joining the fun, Suliat takes her place over Baba Segun’s face as she proceeds to ride it. Rebecca is sure the moronic look of pleasure on the maid’s face mirrors hers.

Both women surrender themselves to the altar of his masculinity, as if to say, “do with me as you please”. And that he did, Baba Segun’s thrust gets more feverish and quick, Rebecca can tell he is almost at the edge, she pushes him off the cliff, when she begins to tighten the muscles of her vagina around his cock.

Baba Segun begins to beg her in Yoruba, but she doesn’t listen, watching him helpless, buried inside of her, spurs her even more and she squeezes him even tighter, it is too much for the stallion and he falls, taking her with him.

Suliat is not far behind, if the juice trickling over Baba Segun’s face is any indication. Rebecca tries to quiet her trembling, as the throes of her climax sweeps through her.

She is lost and knows it, the initiation is complete and she is a member of Baba Segun’s erotic cult.

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