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King of Night Life Shina Peller Goes into Politics

King of Night Life Shina Peller Goes into Politics


Joke Onitolo

Night life King Shina Peller is known for building an enviable empire in the night club business, the astute business man will be adding another feather to his hat of ambitions and achievements. As the grapevine is abuzz with the chatter that Shina Peller is slated to be an honourable member, representing his district in Oyo state.

Although several political pundits, are yet to come to terms with his ambition, of occupying a seat in the green chamber of the National Assembly come 2019. While his political ambition is not news, we are unsure of what political platform he will identify with on his quest.

However there are pointers that he is looking at aligning with the ruling party in Nigeria, which is the All Progressive Congress (APC), albeit unconfirmed.