Things You May not have Known about the  Buckwyld n Breathless Concert

Things You May not have Known about the Buckwyld n Breathless Concert


Isaac Oguntoye

It was celebration galore in Lagos as many of the city’s accomplished artistes from TuFace Idibia, Flavour, Tiwa Savage, Deejay Jimmy Jatt thrilled thousands of people at the ‘Buckwyld n Breathless concert held at the prestigious Eko Hotel & Suit, in Lagos State on October 23, 2017. The event which was tagged ‘The Lagos Dream’ had top personalities from all spheres of life under one roof. Here are some of the things you may not have known about the concert.

The Black Carpet
The black carpet possessed such glitz and glamour, as attendees where fashionably dressed to the nines for this exclusive affair. It was a star studded arena and paparazzi had a field day, taking picture of personalities at the event. Some of the artistes who graced the black carpet were Orezi, Baba Dee, Mr Ibu, Selebobo, Mr 2kay, Kelly Hansome, Ellyman. However, the black carpet scheduled to start at 5pm, didn’t start until 8pm, talk about ‘African Time’.

The Security Personnel
As expected of an event that exclusive, security for guests and celebrities, was topnotch. As guests began to arrive at 8pm, they were respectfully searched, before they were admitted into the venue.

2Baba’s Girls Came Out
As Nigerian pop legend, 2Baba performed, he was supported by three of the most important women in his life: his wife Annie and both his daughters, Isabella and Olivia Idibia. The adorable trio walked the black carpet en route to the arena where Daddy was serenading thousands of adoring fans.

Kelly Hansome Made an Appearance
Nigerian singer Kelly Hansome, surprised everyone by making an appearance at the music concert, he had been away from the music scene, for quite a while and this coincided with the time he had the feud with MI, leaving many wondering, if he exiled himself because of the rap artiste.

Concert Proper
2baba, Tiwa Savage, Flavour shut down Lagos with their performances. These stars were full appreciation for a city that has offered them so much, as Nigerians.
These stars, Flavour, Tiwa Savage and 2Baba, were described as The King, The Queen, and The Legend, respectively.

A Celebration of Legends
A key part of the music concert, was the celebration of Nigerian legends, who have influenced and been influenced by Lagos. Musicians such as Mike Okri, Christy Essien-Igbokwe, Cardinal Jim Rex Lawson, Oliver has de Coque and Fela Kuti were honoured with performances by Joe El, Acetune, Splash, and Mr 2kay.

No Place is Safe, Even Eko Hotel
It is no longer news that Nigerian Singer 2kay was robbed and assaulted in his Eko hotel room , after his performance. Leaving many wondering if the security in such an exclusive hotel, is lax, according to his story, four men armed with guns got into his room, after he mistook them for room service. The illusion that hotels are relatively safe has been broken, No place is safe after all.

Also 20 Piece Band too
Another melodious feature of the night, was undiluted live music delivered by an amazing 20 piece band. Guests were also treated to a large combined catalog of hit songs from Flavour, Tiwa Savage, and 2Baba.

Journalists were treated poorly
While the events and guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves, Journalists were treated rather poorly, almost like pariahs. It is about time entertainment journalists come together, to address their poor treatment at events, by entertainers, celebrities, stakeholder, marketers and other showbiz personnel. At the concert, journalists were prevented from entering the main event, to experience it and properly report it. Performing artists,avoided entertainment journalist like pariahs, going through back doors to avoid having a conversation with journalist.

This never happens in the western world as stars interact with journalists and press people.

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