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Abba Kyari Says Evans is the Most Notorious Kidnapper in Africa…Nigerians Disagree 

Abba Kyari Says Evans is the Most Notorious Kidnapper in Africa…Nigerians Disagree 


Isaac Oguntoye

After scoring another feat in his line of duty, Abba Kyari announced the arrest of 15 other suspected notorious kidnappers who operated between Abuja and Kaduna expressway.

After Weeks of an unrelenting follow up and deploying advanced technology, IRT Special Teams deployed to Jigawa, Katsina, Niger and Kaduna States, arrested these deadly kidnapping Group Operating along Abuja-Kaduna-Kano Express Way.

This gang is Responsible for the Killing of Barrister Sheriff Yazid On the 17 of September 2017 and the Kidnapping of his Wife Jamila Yazid, along the Abuja-Kaduna Express Way. They had collected the Ransom, after having committed the heinous act.

While he was making this announcement, he described Evans as the most notorious kidnapper in the whole of Africa but one of his follower quickly took an exception to that notion saying  “I beg to differ that Evans was Africa’s most notorious kidnapper as claimed. This guy was only known by many in Nigeria after his arrest”

Immediately, the gallant police officer responded saying “His name was on the most wanted list for Police and DSS for many years before he was arrested and Newspapers have carried his Story many times before he was arrested.

“Go to Google and tell us who is the most notorious kidnapper in African history? who has collected millions of Dollars from his Victims; who has been keeping victims for more than 6 months; was Robbing and Kidnapping for more than 20yrs; Have killed many innocent Nigerians, including the driver and Police escort of Chief Vincent Obiano, Chairman Young Shall Grow Motors; Killed the Wife of a Prominent Business Man in Edo state, name Withheld during the Kidnapping of the innocent Man and Many Many others.”

He goes further to say “All of his Confessions are on video and carried by many Newspapers and he has also confessed during interviews of how he got the Job for kidnapping his Victims; who brought the job; Who monitored and how he kidnapped them and collected the Ransoms in Dollars and all are on video.

Made Billions of Naira from Kidnapping and Bank Robberies and bought Properties in 3 Countries. Am waiting for the Name of the kidnapper in African History Who have beaten this record.

“I did a lot of Research on Kidnapping in Nigeria, Africa and the World but I have not Seen anybody bigger than Evans in Africa. I will be glad if James will tell me one.”

However, some believe the title should be best bestowed on Shekau, the Boko Haram leader as the most deadly and notorious kidnapper in Africa.

“Shekau is more Dangerous and far more deadly than Evans. And he is armed with more followers. He is also a TERRORIST Leader who Almost Destroyed about 3 States in the North East by Killing Thousands of innocent Nigerians, displaced millions of People and terminated their Businesses, farming life and all forms of livelihood, at a Point he almost Grounded Borno , Yobe State and some Parts of Adamawa State.”

“Things are better now and he has lost ground seriously, though Still operating, he is the most wanted person in the Country. While Evans is a big Kidnapper and Armed Robber but he cannot be compared to the dead and destruction Shekau brought. Shekau is by far the most dangerous and deadly and by GOD’s grace, he will be brought to book too.

“All Security Agents and the Military have Shekau as their number 1 wanted Person. Even American Government have placed 7 million Dollars Reward money on Shekau’s head.” Abba Kyari concluded.

Furthermore, Abba Kyari ceased the opportunity to appreciate IGP Ibrahim .K. Idris, for giving them all the necessary support needed to fight crime and bring these deadly kidnappers to book.