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How to Combat Body Odour by Dr Kemi Agbaoye of Medik247 International

How to Combat Body Odour by Dr Kemi Agbaoye of Medik247 International


Human beings as social creatures, are given to interaction, thus personal hygiene is an important  part of well being. One of such factors that may alienate a person, impede interactions and cause a nosedive in self esteem is the problem of body odour.

Here are ways to combat the problem of body odour, according to Dr. Kemi Agbaoye of Medik247 International.

Symptoms and Signs
Body odour is usually described as pungent,rancid, musty or sour. While it is mostly axillary(from the armpits), other common sites include the genital area and the soles of the feet.

Precipitating Factors of Body Odour

There are factors that predispose one to body odour and they include:

  • Inadequate hygiene
  • Typhoid
  • Post – Laser treatments
  • Gout
  • Scurvy
  • Foreign body in the nose in children.
    Some medical or dermatological conditions associated with Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating),  may lead to an over growth of bacteria. Medical conditions which instigate excessive sweating are:
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Intertrigo (this is a rash that appears between the folds of skin, such as beneath the breasts, armpits, Abdomen, Genital area)
  • Trichomycosis axillaris (bacterial infection of the underarm/armpit hair shafts).
  • Erythrasma (a disease that causes brown, scaly skin and it is prevalent among diabetic and obese individuals. It is common in warm climates and worsened by tight clothing).


Although getting clinical diagnosis are not clearly indicated here, however in the case of concurrent illnesses, appropriate are requested for.

However there must be confirmation that you actually stink, ask loved ones or close family members. Don’t just imagine that you suffer body odour.

Here are the following steps one can take, in combating this problem:

  •  Use antibacterial soaps
  • Constant use of antiperspirants
  • If you wear clothing with dried stale sweat on them, certainly you will stink.
  • Avoid the excessive intake of spicy food, like garlic, curry etc.
  • Reduce Alcohol
  • Also stop smoking while you are at
  • Reduce the amount of toxins you load your body with
  • Shave your underarms and thoroughly wash it while in the shower.

Medical Treatment

  • Topical antibiotics can suffice when disinfectants fail
  • Treat underlying skin conditions like intertrigo (skin rash), Erythrasma (brown scaly skin infection) and Trichomycosis axillaris (bacterial infection of the underarm)
  • Botulinum toxin or Botox: should only be administered by a certified doctor. It aims at reducing sweat production by inhibiting the nervous system.

Surgical Treatment

In cases when ailment is severe, causing psychological distress, people who suffer body odour, may consider a surgical treatment.

  • Some of the Apocrine glands (Sweat), cellular and subcutaneous tissue in the armpit can be removed, leaving behind just skin.
  • Superficial Liposuction Curretage; in which a tube is attached to the armpits and subcutaneous fat is drained out.


Body Odour is a medical condition, caused by the over secretion of apocrine or eccrine (sweat)glands, that become malodorous, after bacterial interaction.

Although is can be managed by certain health practices and change in lifestyle; if these fail or it is a severe case, please seek medical help, because it is found to be a source of social and psychological distress.