Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom gets Divine Approval for Re-Election Bid

Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom gets Divine Approval for Re-Election Bid


Sofowora Oladapo

The Governor of Benue state, months ago was at the receiving end of massive backlash, after wheel barrows, customised in his name, were to be used in Benue as a form of youth empowerment.

As if that controversy was not enough, there have been issues of flooding, Fulani Herdsmen and owing Government workers salaries for several months.

With all of these issues, besetting his first term in office as governor of Benue state, Ortom has gallantly accepted to seek a re-election, for second term, come 2019 general election.

On the 9th of November 2017, Ortom, made his re-election ambition known, while addressing the All Progressive Congress (APC) supporters from Benue South Senatorial district and four local government areas of Benue north, who converged at the government house to endorse him for a second term bid.

The Governor said he has received divine encouragement to run for a second term, adding that the same God who told him to contest for governorship in 2015 has told him to run for the same position in 2019.

He also said he was overwhelmed by the pressure mounted on him to contest for a second term in office and assured the people of the state that his administration will fish out ghost workers collecting salaries for work not done.

The governor went further to thank the people for their support of him, in the implementation of the open grazing population law and added that it was not targeted at any particular group of people.

He also said that ranching was being adopted in the state, in the interest of peace for farmers, livestock owners and the people of Benue and urged those skeptical about the law, to give it a chance.

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