Self-Proclaimed Billionaire Sujimoto and His Invisible Building Projects

Self-Proclaimed Billionaire Sujimoto and His Invisible Building Projects


Sofowora Oladapo

Self-proclaimed Billionaire and property mogul, Sijibomi Ogundele popularly known as Sujimoto, shot into the limelight when he unveiled his proposed ‘Lorenzo by Sujimoto’. He had tongues wagging at who the new kid on the block,with such big entrepreneurial dreams was.

Clearly this Nigerian takes the maxim “Go big or go home” to a whole new level.

He even gave this architectural project validation when he was seen taking photos with Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates and the Emir of Dubai. He exploited these photos of himself with the Emir of Dubai, to his advantage, that investors back home were falling over one another be a part of Sujimoto’s Grand design.

The thinking then was, if the Emir of Dubai who had single handedly created the dream of ‘Destination Dubai’ and turned the United Arab Emirates into the number one tourist location in the whole world was seen with Sujimoto, then what the young Nigerian had cooking must be massive.

Years after the photos with the Emir of Dubai and the massive PR announcing ‘Lorenzo by Sujimoto’, to the world, investors are yet to see the architectural masterpiece, which would be a 3D building located in Bourdillon Ikoyi, Lagos.

According to reports, the proposed Lorenzo project was suspended by the Lagos state government, after several petitions were written against Sujimoto’s Construction Company, over the proposed gigantic building by residents of the high brow area.

As a result of his inability to actualise the project ‘Lorenzo by Sujimoto’, the self-proclaimed billionaire and property mogul vanished from the public eye, as he is rarely seen in social events.

Well he has just resurfaced again, with a new project, this time it is not called ‘Lorenzo by Sujimoto’, he tags it ‘The Mystery Project’, to be located in Banana Island Ikoyi, Lagos.

A close source divulged to that the self-proclaimed property mogul is in hot water, as his investors for the project ‘Lorenzo by Sujimoto’ have lost faith in him and are unwilling to invest in his new project. also gathered that the former Lagos big is rumoured to have raised over N1b from local investors, for his ongoing ‘Mystery Project’ in Banana Island. The source who is a close associate of Sujimoto, said:

“Some investors are scared of investing again. Entrusting him with billions of Naira in this harsh economic situation, is like winking in the dark.

“Ever since he had failed to deliver his much hyped 3D drawing architectural masterpiece, tagged ‘Lorenzo by Sujimoto, launched in Eko Hotel Years back, He has been faced with serious problem.

“He had to refund the money he collected from some investors. It almost crumbled his business empire and ruined his credibility”.

The source goes further to reveal that the only building Sujimoto has erected, is his office building located at Milverton Ikoyi, Lagos.

Only time will tell if this Osun state born, self-proclaimed property merchant, will deliver his new Banana Island project or will it remain as invincible like the Lorenzo by Sujimoto project.

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