The Real Reason Gani Adams Was Desperate to be Aare Ona Kakanfo

The Real Reason Gani Adams Was Desperate to be Aare Ona Kakanfo


Gani Adams only Thrives on Betrayal … OPC (New Era)

+ His Lies against Faseun and Others

The maxim that lies may travel for years but the truth will definitely prevail, is made manifest if the information about the Aare Ona Kakanfo designate, Chief Gani Adams is taken into consideration. It is reliably gathered that a group popularly called the 10 million boys, withdrew from the camp of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) in 2015, based on reasons not made public knowledge.

However, It was reliably divulged to, that the excesses of the leader of the non-governmental organisation, Otunba Gani Adam, may be the reason why the group split from the non-governmental organisation that had been founded by Dr. Federic Faseun years ago.

According to our source, the 10 million boys group, had been advocating for the proper management of the non-profit organisation and viable elections conducted for key positions, such as: the Secretary General and Treasurer, against what is obtainable currently. According to reports, Otunba Gani Adams, had full and incontestable control in the functioning of the organisation.

The proverbial straw which purportedly broke the camel’s back, according to sources in the new group, was Gani Adam’s blatant disregard for the edict of the group, when he openly declared his support for President Goodluck Jonathan, for monetary gratification, against the interest of the Yoruba race.

Our sources close to the OPC, goes further to say that the situation that led to the current problem between the 10 million boys and the OPC chieftain, that saw him becoming the leader of the group, was bourne out of deception, betrayal and disloyalty to their pioneer leader, Dr. Federic Faseun.

It was also gathered that Gani systematically pitched those who are in opposition to his leadership today, against Dr. Faseun. Interestingly the Doctor had transferred authority to Gani Adams, when he was arrested during the MKO Abiola matter, to ensure that the group was not without a head.

In that time Gani Adams warmed his way into the hearts of the members, by laying several allegations against Dr. Federic Faseun, one of which was the fact former President Olusegun Obasanjo gave him (Faseun) the sum of N20 million. This generated plenty of scandal, thus leading to the break from the original OPC group.

That aside, the decision to make Otunba Gani Adams the Aare Ona Kakanfo, was received with mixed feelings, therefore causing a split, those who believed that he is undeserving, of the sacred title and there are others who were more deserving. On the other side of the divide, are those who believe there is none more deserving, as his hard work and zeal to promote the Yoruba culture at home and abroad is quite exceptional, thus he is a suitable Aare Ona Kakanfo.

Furthermore, our source within the OPC New Era, who have always been loyal to the Otunba until the break in 2015, posits that Gani Adams began to covet the Aare Ona title, when it became obvious that those who were once loyal to him are in support of Dr. Fredric Faseun’s faction. Fearing a mutiny, he opted for a superior authority, which is that of the Aare Ona Kanfo, the generalissimo of the Yoruba race in its entirety.

This as expected would elevate him above all and make him practically untouchable, this according to the source, was the reason behind Gani Adam’s desire to be Aare, while also being a leader of the OPC, further consolidating his power.

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