The Revolutionary Goals of Skool Media

The Revolutionary Goals of Skool Media

Itohan Ferguson

No company is more aware of the power technology wields in today’s world, than Skool Media. The ethics of this organisation, rings true with the words of Elon Musk “I’m interested in things that change the world or that affect the future”.

In keeping with the endless possibilities of technology, this ICT based organisation has its revolutionary goals, firmly in hand. For Skool media, anything is possible, so is breaking the barriers that plague learning.

This ICT based initiative is set to achieve the seamless integration of learning and technology, thus redefining the face of education in Nigeria.

Just imagine a world where fun is incorporated into the learning space and course simulations replace the abstractness of traditional schooling. Where tablets with pre-loaded course syllabuses replace the use of cumbersome books.

Learning becomes flexible, that it can be acquired beyond the four walls of a school. A child can learn anywhere, any place and at any time.

Clearly Skool Media is committed to exceeding the expectations of old fashioned forms of learning. They are well aware that EdTech is the future and are committed to actualising that future, by training teachers and ensuring they are ICT compliant.

This breaks the stereotyped perceptions with regards the integration of technology in education.

Thanks to Skool Media, Nigerian students will be just as technologically competent as their counterparts in first world countries.

This also ties into its goal of putting Nigeria on the global map for all of the right reasons, such as educational and technological advancement.

Just like I said, anything is possible with Skool Media, as they intend to stretch out their technological tentacles in other fields as well, such as Agriculture, Economy, Health, Security et cetera. Although for now they are involved in the educational sphere.

Soon their influence will be limitless, to include not just public schools, but private schools and tertiary institutions as well, hand in hand with sister company UNITes Cisco Academy.

With Skool Media, you don’t just imagine the possibilities, you live it.

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