Yewa-Awori Ogun State Guber Ambition: Yayi A Deciding Factor

Yewa-Awori Ogun State Guber Ambition: Yayi A Deciding Factor


Politics is a game of numbers and it is usually the camp with the highest number that is declared the winner, this has always been the believe of Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola A.K.A Yayi, currently representing Lagos West in the red chamber of the national assembly.

Since he declared his intention to occupy the Oke-Mosan seat of power in Ogun State, he has been working tirelessly to woo the voters and inform them on the reason he should be their candidate, though his visits has always enjoys huge turnout not failed to enjoy media mention either for good or for bad mostly from political commentators or analysts from Yewa extract in the State.

A school of thought felt Yayi as the senator is fondly called is a stranger that is in Yewa Land to usurp power from those that had been struggling for the actualization of Yewa for governor agenda and he must be stopped at all cost.

He had in 2011 joined the train of those aspiring to take over from the current governor of Ogun State, Ibikunle Amosu at the government seat of power on Oke-Mosan, but when the All Progressive Congress (APC) party which he belongs to decided that the incumbent should go for second term he withdrew back to Lagos where his popularity won him the chance to represent the Lagos West at the Senate.

The rekindled ambition has however pitched him against politicians in the Yewa nation, while some has been doing all in their power to discredit his link to his ancestral town. Recently a new twist was added to the attack when his identity was also brought under scrutiny because he chose to adopt his father’s personal name in place of his grandfathers name, whereas his father’s full name is Ayinde Adeola Ogunleye, according to information on Wikipedia, he decided to adopt Adeola which is definitely his father’s personal name.

Despite all sort of supposed scandals coming up to distract him from his governorship ambition, Adeola seems to be gaining more grounds among the masses and with the way things are going, Yayi is like a deciding factor for Yewa governorship agenda owing to his growing popularity among the people of the State and works and attempt to thwart his ambition may be to the detriment of Yewa nation as individuals from from other areas in the State are also showing interest.

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