Is Yahaya Bello’s Administration the Government of Neglect?

Is Yahaya Bello’s Administration the Government of Neglect?

Itohan Ferguson

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state, is known as not just one of the youngest serving governors in Nigeria today, but he is also known for the ongoing controversy with Senator Dino Melaye. It is not news that there is no love lost between these two, as they are constantly in conflict with regards the method of governance in Kogi state.

Another matter that have them clashing at every turn, is the fact Kogi Government workers are yet to be paid their salaries, leaving many dying from starvation and children unable to go to school.

In the midst of this crisis befalling residents of his state, Governor Yahaya Bello, as if to blatantly show he is nonchalant about their plight, unveiled his bullet proof mansion on the 7th of December 2017, with several dignitaries in attendance. The architectural masterpiece has many coming from far and wide, gaping in awe at the edifice.

There are speculations that the Governor is in a hurry to conclude his personal projects and amass as much wealth as he can, because his administration is winding down.

A pertinent question on the minds of pundits and critics, is that the Governor may not be confident in his ability to return for a second term in office as the Governor of Kogi state.

Is his the government of neglect? Is he an opportunist- grab as much as you can and leave, to the detriment of the people? The fact the government at the centre does not checkmate his excesses, tells of a deeper cordial relationship with president Muhammadu Buhari, as it is alleged he may be Yahaya Bello’s political godfather.

In the words of a confidential source, “the governor is hurriedly acquiring wealth as if it is going out of fashion even though the people of Kogi state are living in abject poverty.”

With the lamentations of Kogi government workers, over the arrears of unpaid salaries and allowances they are being owed under Yahaya Bello’s administration, the governor turns a deaf ear, while also unveiling his bullet proof mansion.

See Video of Gov. Yahaya Bello in Victory Dance at his  Housewarming Party:

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