Unbelievable!  Two-term Ex-Lagos lawmaker Aro goes broke!

Unbelievable! Two-term Ex-Lagos lawmaker Aro goes broke!


…As wife elopes with his bosom friend
…Aro Gets Supervisory Councillor-ship Appointment, a far cry from his former position in the Lagos Assembly

Tunde Ogunmola

Life is not a bed of roses, this maxim is fitting, in the life of erstwhile Lagos lawmaker, Hon. Saheed Okonlawon, popularly called Aro, as he makes attempts to pick up the broken pieces of his life, after being dealt life’s blow.

The former Lagos State House of Assembly member, who represented Apapa Constituency for two consecutive terms, between 1999 and 2007, is in no mood to celebrate, as his political career has taken a nose dive, from being an honourable lawmaker, to being a mere Supervisory Councilor, when all efforts to reawaken his once vibrant political career proved futile.

A reliable source divulged to Happenings.com.ng, that Aro’s journey to political oblivion began when he left the vibrant Lagos House of Assembly in 2007, and all efforts by the politician to maintain his political pedigree and opulent lifestyle vanished like smoke.

As if his career death wasn’t enough, his marriage went downhill, after his wife who was with him in his financial and political zenith could not bear to be inconvenienced by his poor financial status. Thus she abandoned him and eloped with one of his bosom friends.

In a bid to reawaken his career in 2011, Aro vied for the chairmanship seat of Apapa Local Government and lost. To compensate him for the loss, he was given a Supervisory Councilor-ship seat, however he turned it down saying, such a position was beneath him and he passed it on to one of his foot soldiers.

Aro realised that holding on to his pride would do him no good, thus with the latest appointment in Apapa LG being Supervisory Councillor for Health, a position he had initially rejected, the embattled former law maker grabbed it with both hands. When it was suggested that he hand it over to another once more,  Aro graciously accepted the position.

Political observers say he needs the appointment he just accepted more than ever, to put his political career back on track. Life has indeed turned this once cheeky politician into a humble one.

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