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Any Disease or Infection Has a Cure –Qunicy Ayodele

Any Disease or Infection Has a Cure –Qunicy Ayodele


Isaac Oguntoye

It is no longer news that that Quincy Herbals, a Nigerian brand created by Dr. Mrs Quincy Ayodele, over two decades ago emerged as the only Nigerian brand, in the’Swag Bag’ for recipients of the 2018 Grammy and Oscar Awards.

The driven CEO of this global brand is making the country proud globally, and she is working hard to ensure the country is free from all kinds of diseases or infection, so citizens may live a healthy life.

In a recent interview with Happenings.com.ng, about a herbal cure for cancer, Quincy Ayodele said, “well, we do but that is off the market. We do it for some of our clients that are suffering from cancer but it is not something we advertise. They are personalized services because we believe that, for every disease there is a cure in nature.

“There is a cure for cancer. I particularly hate cancer, and in fact, we do it free. We don’t even charge to cure cancer especially prostrate cancer and some level of breast cancer. There is a cure for it but it is political. You may not be able to say you have a cure for it. At Quincy, we don’t charge for treatment of cancer.”

Quincy Sumbo Ayodele, popularly known as Quincy, is a Nigerian herbal medicine practitioner, entrepreneur, herbal slimming, skin care expert and the CEO of Quincy Herbals – a Nigerian leading herbal healthcare center. She is a World Health Organisation expert committee member on the development of African traditional medicine and practices.