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How Nigerians Can Stay Safe this Festive Season by Security Expert Hopeson Eiterebhe

How Nigerians Can Stay Safe this Festive Season by Security Expert Hopeson Eiterebhe


Isaac Oguntoye

Hopeson Eiterebhe, the Chief Executive Officer of Hovaka Group of Companies, a security firm that specializes in security consulting, and guard services, has advised Nigerians to be security cautious.

In a recently-held interview, Eiterebhe said there’s need to be more sensitive security-wise as the yuletide period approaches.

According to him, this is a period when there’s always increase in crime rate both at home and outside.

Eiterebhe, who has been a security expert for over 30 years, however, gave some top security tips for holiday safety.

in his words; “If you have a tap in your compound at home, do not go out for any reason to stop it when it is surprisingly running in the night. Hoodlums might use that as a tactic to lure you outside.

“Always try to avoid constructive breaking into your house. At every time, ensure that the door is locked yourself regardless of the number of people working for you. This is because there is no successful robbery without an insider’s assistance.

“You have to be sensitive to things around you. Pay attention to everything that might be a security threat.

“If you drive a car, stop displaying valuables in conspicuous places. Valuables placed in transparent areas in the car will entice criminals and trigger something unexpected.

“If you are in a traffic, some hoodlums may walk up to you, asking you to roll down your car glass. Don’t argue with them, hit the car in front of you slightly. Doing this will invite attention to you and that will scare them away.”