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PMAN President Pretty Okafor Seek Redress Over Fraud Committed by Telecommunications Companies

PMAN President Pretty Okafor Seek Redress Over Fraud Committed by Telecommunications Companies


Isaac Oguntoye

While thousands of Nigerians and entertainers are clamouring for a well-structured creative industry where investors can recoup their money without hindrance, some stakeholders are milking the industry of their intellectual properties. Some of these stakeholders fingered in this monumental Fraud are MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT AND 9MOBILE, against the Nigerian creative industry which has been causing “ECONOMIC SABOTAGE” in Nigeria according to the association president.

In press statement, Pretty Okafor said, “On December 14 2017 the Adhoc Committee set up by the National House of Assembly to investigate allegations of malpractices and monumental fraud within the Telecommunication Industry, and this revealed that the “STATUTORY ACT” of the Nigerian law, guiding contracts and policies between the Telecoms and the Nigerian MUSIC AND CREATIVE Artists and content makers has been grossly violated and BILLIONS of DOLLARS from accrued royalties that belong to Nigerian Musicians and the Music Industry have been fraudulently diverted by these Telecommunications companies and moved to foreign banks all TAX FREE, while the owners of these content , the Musicians and Creative artists continue to languish in poverty, take note, the EFCC, ICPC and THE CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA have all being briefed and have commenced intense investigation into these matter”

“According to the distinguished Chairman of the Committee, HON AHMED ABU, he said, it is particularly disappointing that some of the CEOs of these Telecoms companies are Nigerian national, they evade Federal and State Tax, while deceiving the General Public by endorsing a few of the Artists with Peanuts and contracts that contradicts the Law of Nigeria, they have taken the LAW into their own hands and have displayed an open DISREGARD for the Laws of this great Nation.

“The Performing Musicians Employers Association Of Nigeria (PMAN) , The Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), ACTORS GUIDE OF NIGERIA (AGN) and the Coalition of the Creative Industry Heads (G CREATE) were present at this Historical hearing and were all SHOCKED when the distinguished Committee revealed that the statutory Act of law states that 70% of Revenue accrued from all VAS related proceeds goes to the Musicians (Content Creators ) while 30% goes to the Telecoms and the Vas Providers.

“It appears that there’s a high level conspiracy between the Telcoms and the VAS providers as TELCOS have refused to furnish ADHOC COMMITTEE’S with copies of Agreement / Contracts signed between the Telcos and the VAS Providers. It is obvious they seek to hide the undeniable Evidence of ‘ECONOMIC SABOTAGE” against NIGERIANS,that’s the bottom line, the Telcos have continued to “UNDERMINE” our Country’s ECONOMY over the years, IT MUST STOP NOW.

MTN, GLO , AIRTEL ,ETISALAT, and 9MOBILE twisted the law of the land in their favor and deceived Poor Nigerian Musicians and content creators, Glo takes 85% of proceeds MTN takes 60% , Airtel takes 60% while Etisalat and 9mobile do not have any standard agreements, the Talented Youth are forced to share the 30% or even 15% with Vas Providers appointed by the same Telecom Giants.

The PMAN President, PRETTY OKAFOR stated that, “The painful thing is that our Artists are dying everyday from lack of proper medical care and financial resources, while the CEO of the TELECOMS are STEALING their money and spending it on lavish lifestyle and private jets, its high time the NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT put them in their place and help us collect all our “ROYALTIES IN ARREARS” from these mighty and heartless TELCO GIANTS”