Send Buhari Back To Daura, Fayose Tells Nigerians

Send Buhari Back To Daura, Fayose Tells Nigerians


Tunde Ogunmola

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose has called on Nigerians to vote out President Muhammadu Buhari come 2019 general elections, saying that he doesn’t deserve a re-election owing to his poor performance in office.

The Governor who has continuously poked holes at President Buhari’s government said as follow in a statement he put out yesterday, 24th of December 2017.

“It is shameful that instead of creating the three million jobs it promised Nigerians yearly, the APC government has created unemployment.

“One of the many effects of the President’s lack of the required mental and intellectual capacity to tackle the nation’s economic problems is the collapse of several companies and loss of 3.67 million jobs in 2016 and another 4.07 million jobs in 2017.

“Today, under a government that promised change, Nigerians cannot even celebrate Christmas and New Year in peace because of the fuel scarcity orchestrated by the Buhari’s government just to achieve its aim of hiking fuel price. Nigerians are now buying petrol for as high as N600 per litre.

“Nigerians are only asking for food on their tables; they want employments and they want security. But they have gotten hardship and suffering from President Buhari and his clueless government?

“I therefore call on Nigerians to be prepared to use their votes to send President Buhari back to his farm in Daura so that Nigeria can once again, return to the path of progress.”

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