Titi’s Erotic Notes: Hush! (Nobody Needs to Know) 18+

Titi’s Erotic Notes: Hush! (Nobody Needs to Know) 18+

Itohan Ferguson

Kunle is getting ready for work, it is an early Monday morning, he looks through the doorway to observe his wife’s supine frame, peacefully asleep. The events of the night before rose unbidden in his mind, he remembers her writhing in pleasure and her screams of ecstasy. As if drawn to her, he kisses her shoulders lightly and nibbles at her ear lobes.

In response, she smiles and stretches, “Morning baby”, Tonia whispers, throwing her arms around his neck in a welcoming embrace. It is too tempting for Kunle – sink himself into her once more or hurry to the office for his meeting. He chose the latter and drew himself to an upright position, “I have to go to work love”, he tells his pouting wife.

“Ok I will make you breakfast” she shuffles out of bed and throws on her dressing gown, watching as her satin robe melted onto her curves, had Kunle pinching himself really hard.

“Oh babe! I forgot to tell you, remember my childhood friend Celia?”

Kunle grunts a response as he focuses on knotting his recalcitrant tie, “She is coming back to Lagos and will be staying with us until she settles and gets her own place.”

As if in shock, Kunle stops what he is doing and pays rapt attention to his wife, he is thankful that she cannot see the look on his face at the moment. He and Celia had an illicit history, one he would prefer his wife knew nothing about.

It is the second time since this morning that his mind has being clouded by images of unholy sex, he mentally clamps down on the dam of memories before it would drown him. “How long will she be staying with us”, he asks his wife. “Just a few months, I will make the guest room ready for her”, it was in that moment Kunle knew he was in big trouble.

The words of his wife tormented him all day at the office, he could barely concentrate and the dam he had fought so hard to keep shut, cracked a little, allowing the trickle of memories, seep into his conscious mind. He remembered his history with Celia. He had met her before his wife – beautiful, adventurous and fiery Celia.

Even his wife could not fire his blood as much as Celia would, they had even overstepped the boundaries of their sexual encounters, into something dark and more exciting. Her adventure and fearlessness scared him that he could not marry her, he knew he was a coward for breaking her heart and the guilt like a vice tightened its noose around his neck, that he had to physically loosen his tie.

Memories of them together took over his senses, images of Celia, legs and hands bound and gagged, helplessly writhing as he prepares to impale her. Visions of her fearlessly riding his thick hard c*ck, saying his name over and over again.

There was nothing delicate about love making with Celia, it was savage as it was animalistic, he did not fear that she would break from his mercilessness.

He had left Celia  for her more virginal looking friend, he knew he had betrayed her in the worst way,being young and stupid could not excuse his behaviour. Nobody knew but him, that he was the real reason she had left the country years ago.

She was like a drug for his starved soul and while making plans to marry her friend, he had not stopped f**king her. The day she had found out about his betrayal, that was the last time he had ever seen her.

He had been addicted to her and hoped the years would have dimmed the fires of his addiction.

Telling Tonia was out of the question, he knew his fragile wife would shatter into a million pieces.

Although he would rather die than say it out loud, he missed Celia’s almost masculine strength and decisiveness, against his wife’s sheltered fragility, forever making him walk on egg shells around her, saying the wrong things to her, would have her cry for a long time and pout; he would have to grovel and buy gifts for days.

He mentally slaps himself for making the disrespectful comparisons, as he prepares to go home, Kunle braces himself.

The first thing that alerted him to Celia’s presence in the house, was the musky scent of her perfume, it surprised him that she still smelled the same way. He heard the laughing banter between her and his wife and he felt jealous, like an outsider. He takes a deep breath and walks towards the sitting room where the voices of both women were coming from.

“Hey baby”, Tonia excitedly greets him, he hugs his wife a little longer and inhales the scent of her skin a little deeper as if to remind himself of what is at stake. “Looks like somebody missed me”, Tonia playfully observes.

Slowly he raises his gaze to find Celia and in the moment their eyes connect over his wife’s head, the room ignites and years of memories between them thickens the air, as if to suffocate them both. It is momentary, the look in her eyes is excited and then it goes cold and dead, Kunle had to wonder if he had imagined it.

The years had been kind to her and she looked as beautiful as ever. Her beautiful ebony skin, the swell of her voluptuous breasts and the obvious curve of her hips, all begged for the weight of his gaze.

Looking at her, a memory of one of their sexual encounters in the rest room of a club came to mind. Drunk and high, Celia had dragged him into the rest room, gotten on her knees and worshiped him like a phallic King . Her tongue and lips had stroked his shaft relentlessly that his essence exploded in her mouth, undeterred she had not stopped sucking his c*ck until his knees buckled unable to bear his weight.


The days to follow the first encounter with Celia after so many years, was one plagued with awkwardness and distance, it didn’t help that their relationship at its conclusion had no closure. The first night, he had made love to his wife so desperately, as if to completely remove the memory of Celia.

His thrusts had been more frenzied, more savage and it lacked the tenderness, love making to his wife would usually have. He hoped he had not hurt Tonia in his desperation, but she had said nothing to him, just the questioning look she had given him in the morning.

There had been nothing passionate about their mating that night, he had violently turned her around, vengefully thrusting into her while holding her waist tight so she would not escape him.

If he told himself the truth, he was punishing her for not being Celia. Try all he could, he was unable to achieve satisfaction, he hated that his wife was bearing the brunt of something she knew nothing about and it saddened him that he was displacing all of the negative energy unto her.


His efforts of keeping his emotions in check, was taking its toll on him physically and Kunle decides to stay home and get some rest. However he had asked the driver to take his car to the auto repair shop, because he would not be going out.

Since he would be staying home for the day, he had pleaded with his wife to stay home with him but she had refused. Tonia had told him that she would be going to the boutique with Celia and won’t be home early. At the moment he was home alone, so he thought.

Kunle was not sure how long he had been asleep, but he was jolted awake by the rising pang of hunger in his belly. He gets out of bed, en route to the kitchen to get something to eat, as he descends the stairs from his bedroom to the kitchen, he could hear a faint mewling sound coming from the sitting room.

Curious at what could be making the faint sound, he makes a detour to the sitting room, what he sees, has him rooted on the spot in shock.

He encounters a vision of Celia spread out on the sofa, mouth slightly open and her hand feverishly caressing her clitoris as she pleasures herself. Her eyes are closed, so she does not see him watching her with a stupefied  look on his face.

It dawns on him in that moment, that Celia may have thought she was home alone, because she hadn’t seen his car parked in the front. Hence the courage to engage in something that private in the sitting room.

Kunle tried to summon every strength he had to walk away from what he saw happening before him, try as he could, he was rooted to the spot.

His eyes widens  even more as her thighs quivers and the rhythm of her fingers on her clitoris increases, Kunle knew she was about to reach orgasm, as her beautiful ebony skin is dewy with the sweat of her arousal.

Celia’s legs widens even more and gives him an unrestricted view to her over flowing vulva, trickling to the sofa beneath her. He is excited about what he sees before him, he is torn between walking up to her and participating in this erotic ritual or standing right where he was watching her masturbate.

Then he takes the first step in her direction…

To be Continued.

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