The Nigerian Distrust for the Police

The Nigerian Distrust for the Police

Itohan Ferguson

It is clear to see that the police is not your friend, with the hashtag EndSars and the many videos of police brutality and bribery littered all over the internet, how easy it is to write off men of the police force.

The latest in their string of atrocities, is the viral video of police men beating a pregnant woman so bad, that she loses her pregnancy. As if to admit their guilt, they offer her hush money, in the sum of N30,000, in a bid to discourage her from seeking justice.

This distrust for the Nigerian Police has pushed citizens to seek other forms of solution to one who may have wronged them, oftentimes objectionable alternatives than the intervention of the Nigerian police.

We are forced to ask, where did this all go wrong? That those who should protect us, will turn around and do us harm.

Maybe if members of the police force are properly catered for by the Nigerian government, they will do better in the discharge of their duties. Until then somebody tell the Police that citizens are not the cause of their frustrations and this madding crowd called Nigeria, we are stuck in it together.

With so much decay in the force, there are those who actually do good, the ones who help a stranded motorist, those who fight for the innocent and the few who do not take bribe.

Let us encourage them, shall we?

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