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Drug Culture in Olamide’s ‘Science Student’

Drug Culture in Olamide’s ‘Science Student’

Itohan Ferguson

Nigerian musician Olamide is known for his street style of music, this over the years has established his street credibility. Although his style of music is predominantly in Yoruba, with non Yoruba speakers having no clue what his lyrics mean, his songs never fail to be club bangers.

His new song ‘Science Student’, is already becoming a hit. If you loved Olamide’s ‘Wo’ you will love his new song ‘Science Student’.

As is usual with his songs, the lyrics are unintelligible and do not make much sense, but what it lacks in nonsensical wordings, it makes up for with a very danceable beat. Just like ‘Wo’, ‘Science Student’ is frenzied. See Here .

The interesting thing about this new hit track is the idea of drug culture embedded in it.

Although Olamide highlights the reality of drug use among the youth, he does not take a stand, neither does he condemn it. He does not highlight its dangers instead,

Almost giving off the idea of eulogizing drug use, albeit not blatantly. If this song was meant to be a satire, in my opinion it fails miserably.

It would seem that drug use is becoming the new ‘cool’ among the young and it is quite worrying that this trend like a cancer is spreading to become a norm.

While we dance ‘Shaku Shaku’ to this club banger, let us not forget to say no to drugs.