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Is the Trend of Sex Dolls Here to Stay?

Is the Trend of Sex Dolls Here to Stay?

Itohan Ferguson

The sex doll trend is spreading like wild fire, with hilarious memes being made about why men think it is a good idea to be with a sex doll than a live woman. The rebuttals from women are even more hilarious, as women the world over are getting quite defensive.

If you are not sure, using a sex doll to achieve orgasm is just an advanced form of masturbation, because it is still a self reliant form of achieving pleasure. Therefore it is important you disabuse yourself of the notion that you are having sex, simply put you are masturbating. To read more about masturbation and promiscuity, see here

As if to validate the sex doll trend, brothels in Europe, that are strictly made of sex dolls are springing up all over, why they have sex dolls for both men and women; it is that for men that is most popular. Dolls meticulously crafted to closely resemble the female anatomy.

I mean very curvaceous life size dolls, that look almost human, manufacturers are upping the ante by making these dolls speak and act almost human. Why this trend stands out is anybody’s guess, sex toys especially those that guarantees pleasure for women have been in existence (Vibrators and Dildos), therefore why is the production of sex dolls any different.

Interestingly, women everywhere feel somewhat defensive about sex dolls, it may be because of the perfection of these dolls, that women feel they will never achieve. These dolls are devoid of flaws that plague women e.g periods, bloating, stretch marks, mood swings, weight gain and weight loss.

For men, these sex toys are perfect because they will be devoid of drama, will always be in the mood for sex and they would never have to ask the dreaded question after sex “what are we?”

While I think this trend would definitely be popular, in my opinion, it is not sustainable, because having sex with a non responsive partner will definitely lose its allure. You must have the fetishes of Somnophilia (Sex with an unresponsive partner) or Necrophilia (sex with a dead person), to enjoy being with a sex doll.

The bottom line is women shouldn’t have their panties in a bind, it is not sex if it is not with a real woman, it is masturbation.

Is the Trend of Sex Dolls Here to Stay?