I Don’t Give Myself ‘Unnecessary’ Headache Over My Husband – Dayo Adeneye’s wife

I Don’t Give Myself ‘Unnecessary’ Headache Over My Husband – Dayo Adeneye’s wife

Tunde Ogunmola


If Caroline Adeneye is mentioned in the banking hall, it is most likely that majority of bystanders will not be able to put a face to the name immediately.
This is the kind of reputation the Edo State born Nigerian entrepreneur and Founder/ Chief Executive Officer of Sierra Global Concept, an integrated event management company in Lagos has adopted for herself over the years.

Besides, her husband’s name is like national anthem in the mouth of many Nigerians at home and in the diaspora, especially entertainment freaks. He is the world famous ambassador for peace and the business partner of leading entertainment guru, Kenny Ogungbe (famously called Baba Keke) of the famous Prime Time Africa Television Show and CEO of Kennis Music.

Dayo Adeneye popularly called D 1 is an entertainment phenomenon and nobody doubts that as his professional antecedent has shown in the last one and a half decade through his innovative contribution, in conjunction with his best friend and star-brother, Kenny Ogungbe.

The duo is solely acknowledged as Godfathers of modern Nigerian entertainment industry. The benefits of being D1’s wife and then the tricky question came hitting her,

“Have you ever caught a love SMS message from a female lover on your husband’s phone?” and she replies “I don’t think there is none because my husband knows I don’t have the time, I don’t check his phone, why should I desire to give myself unnecessary headache? You check today, you see Bimbo, tomorrow you see Zainab and next tomorrow you see Gloria. It is unnecessary; a man who loves you will do everything necessary to protect his home and like I said, I give kudos to my husband; he tries to make me happy. He tries to avoid things that will make me unhappy.
So, what else would I ask for? snooping around? That means I am not busy”.

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