The Morality of Double Dating

The Morality of Double Dating


Earlier this week, there was a viral video of a young woman who having picked up the courage to propose to her boyfriend in public on her knees, had the grave misfortune of being turned down.

Somebody say ouch!

Whoever saw that video was humiliated on her behalf, we could not get over how callous her beau was and when the tears ran down her cheeks, we were all but ready to crucify the offending boyfriend.

We are yet to recover from the debilitating humiliation, when a massive bombshell is dropped on our hapless heads.

She was proposing to a married man!!!

According to the reports, her beau had been a married man all the while they had been together and she had no clue, imagine investing all that time and effort into a relationship, only to realise that even your “Boo get a boo”.

Leaving us to explore the trend of modern day dating, which is having a relationship with more than one persons, while giving off the illusion of monogamy. Modern dating will have you think that double dating is a form of self-preservation or insurance if you will, therefore it is advisable not to put all your eggs in one basket.

But a pertinent question remains, how moral is it to lead another person on, bearing in mind that to double date, you will have to be an exceptional liar and a world class actor or actress. These qualities which are less than admirable.

Another feature that makes double dating rather immoral is the fact you would be using another, humans are not things to be used. The inevitable betrayal, confusion and heart break is a given.

Double dating makes it so difficult to have your partner in perspective and quite easy to have your judgement clouded when you are romantically involved with multiple people.

While it would seem much better to go with the prescription of ‘not putting your eggs in one basket’, remember that double dating does nobody any good.

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