Ayo Fayose Weighs in On Obasanjo’s Disapproval of Buhari

Ayo Fayose Weighs in On Obasanjo’s Disapproval of Buhari

Itohan Ferguson

In the wake of the political wild fire, currently sweeping the camp of President Muhammadu Buhari, over Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s apparent disapproval of the re-election bid of the incumbent government; See here Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose has left his opinion on the matter.

The Governor who is no stranger to controversy in a series of tweets on his social media accounts, left his rather caustic opinions. And clearly he is not in support of Obasanjo and blames him for being the reason President Buhari is in power.

In his own words: “Content of OBJ’s letter is a welcome development but the messenger is also culpable in the enthronement and colossal failure of Buhari. Though we warned them ahead of this tragedy. It is therefore the decision of Nigerians that Buhari has failed and he must go, not that of OBJ.”

Governor Fayose also attempts to topple the urban myth that politicians who do not have the support of Obasanjo would either fail an election or never step into the Nigerian corridor of power.

He goes further to tweet, “ Obasanjo (the accuser) and  Buhari (the accused) are both expired people that igerians are desirous of getting rid of. They both don’t know when they were born and have outlived their usefulness in the political life of Nigeria.”

His tweets also endorses his party PDP as the only solution for the deplorable state of the nation.

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