Titi’s Erotic Notes: Illicit (18+)

Titi’s Erotic Notes: Illicit (18+)

Itohan Ferguson

Celia stood in the bathroom stall as water from the shower mercilessly beat down upon her body, she tried to forget the events of the hours prior.

Trying to forget when the soreness between her legs was a constant reminder, was an effort in futility. She scrubbed her skin almost to the point of rawness as if to wash away the guilt that weighed heavily in her soul.

After all these years, she had betrayed her dear friend and sadly she would do it again, she was powerless to fight the wave after wave of lust that bombarded her.

Unbidden, memories of the hours before rose in her mind, she could feel his hands squeezing her thighs and carefully parting her legs, his tongue between her legs swirling around her clitoris, like a knob.

The memory of his tongue leaving her clitoris to sink itself inside her vulva, make her physically tremble and gasp for air.

When she had felt his touch, she had refused to open her eyes to see him, leaving her eyes closed may disassociate her from being a willing participant. While his tongue was licking her hidden place, he had paused to get her permission and she had given it by gently arching her waist in the direction of his lips. That was all the permission he had needed to continue in his assault of her senses.

More illicit memories assailed her and she helplessly surrendered herself to them, clearly, she remembered how his lips had left her hidden place, found its way to her lips and then kissed her.

The taste of herself and him became one and she wasn’t sure what belonged to who, his lips slowly left hers to travel down her neck, and then her breasts, it paused on her nipples, turgid with the fires of lust, before slowly capturing them with his warm lips.

Fire like none she had ever felt overtook her, to settle like a weight between her thighs, yet she had refused to open her eyes, to have kept her eyes closed, was to free herself from guilt. Then he had whispered into her ears, “please look at me”. He needed her to have a share in the sin about to follow and Celia tightened her lids even more.

Without warning, he had sheathed himself inside of her, his thrusts were deep, fast, and Celia let it take her high enough, only to drop her from the very top. As she crashed, he had not stopped and had pounded away at her womanhood.

The only sound in the sitting room, was the loud wetness of their mating and even that threatened to push her further and further over the edge. While being buried in her musings, she hears her name and that snaps her out of her reverie.

It was her friend Tonia calling for her, even worse the weight of her guilt threatened to suffocate her and she could only manage a croak, “in the bathroom”.

Tonia excitedly barges into the bathroom, “Celia you did not call me to let me know my kid brother, Juwon was back home from school”. Celia mumbles an inaudible response but Tonia doesn’t notice, as she rambles on about her day,


At dinner, Celia was ill at ease, she hoped none could see the guilt written clearly on her face, even then she could not understand why Kunle looked at her and Juwon with rage filled eyes, was it jealousy?

Could he know that she was sleeping with Juwon, his wife’s kid brother? That was impossible, she and 19 years old Juwon had been home alone when the forbidden had happened.


Kunle did not only know, he had seen it all and he wanted to break something

To be continued…

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