Happening Now: At the 10km Race Starting Point

Itohan Ferguson

Tensions are high and the atmosphere is charged as those participating in the 10km marathon, slated to start in Lekki Peninsula, phase one, are impatiently waiting for the gun to go off.

The marathon is not a game of speed, but one of stamina and endurance, something participants and contestants are constantly reminded of.

Celebrities like Yaw are on ground to lift contestant spirits ahead of the run. Surprisingly several participants from Israel, Lebanon and several African countries are participating in the 10km run.

This is the first since the marathon’s inception. Knowing that many not may have the stamina to cover the much longer race of 42km, there is the option of 10km.

According to reports, there is a cash prize for the first Nigerian to get to the finish line.

Many wonder this year, if a contestant of Kenyan descent will take the ultimate cash prize.

May the best man win.

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