Drama at the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon

The Access Bank Lagos City Marathon, came to an end amidst such fanfare, this will be its third installment since its inception.

And as always, the East Africans won the day, many attribute the success of the East Africans to their unique geography.

For the First, Second and Third prizes were clinched by Kenyan men. In the case of women, the First, Second and Third prizes were clinched by Ethiopian women.

These winners went home with $50k, $40k and $30k for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively.

As a way to compensate Nigerians who participated in the race, but came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd after their East African counterparts, organizers saw it fit to give them consolation prizes, in the sum of N3 million, N2 million and N1 million respectively.

However drama erupted while giving these consolation prizes, that it almost derailed the competition from its pedestal.

Leaving many suspicious and doubting the authenticity of the marathon afterall. As they handed consolation prizes to winners in the women’s category.

Mary Ako who was allegedly the second Nigerian woman to cross the finish line, was almost thrown off stage.

In a brief interview with Happenings the embattled athlete says she was almost denied her prize, because of her dual citizenship.

Although she was allowed on stage, to take photos with the cheque, many wonder if she would be paid.