I Don’t Have A Degree Before I Became A Billionaire – Folorunso Alakija

I Don’t Have A Degree Before I Became A Billionaire – Folorunso Alakija

Tunde Ogunmola

Adebare Akinwale

Folorunso Alakija who was once rated as Africa’s richest woman has shared a part of her life story many people do not know about. One of Africa’s richest female billionaires, Folorunso Alakija has shared a very motivational story about her life.

The woman revealed that she came from a Muslim home and was 8 out of 52 children. Writing on her social media page, Alakija said that she made her money without any university degree. She wrote: “I would like to encourage you on my encounter with the Glory of God.

It happened almost 27 years ago when I gave my life to Christ at the age of 40 and my life has not been the same ever since, I pray your life too, will experience a total turn around. I was born almost 67 years ago, into a large and illustrious polygamous Muslim family as number 8 out of 52 children through a father who had 8 wives Back then large families were common, but what was unusual was that I was one of the very first few Nigerian children who left it’s shores to go and study abroad at such a tender age of 7.

Even at that age, I knew I could not afford to let my family down because I was seen as an ambassador. My desire was to study law but my Daddy did not believe in investing in girls at that time. Today, I have no university degree, but God’s glory lifted me up and I have received numerous Honorary Doctorate Degrees at home and abroad.

All you see today has taken me almost two and a half decades, so I am not an overnight success. Through God’s grace, I am absolutely redeemed, heaven bound child of God. I have had to make sacrifices like everyone else, faced challenges but never given up. I have not compromised myself, my values or my faith.

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