Titi’s Erotic Notes: Forbidden

Titi’s Erotic Notes: Forbidden


Kunle is filled with rage, the kind that had left his appetite ruined for days. He has become a monster in his home and office, flaying everybody unfortunate to cross him, because of his short temper, even sweet Tonia had felt his wrath.

He is even more irritable, because the vision of Juwon and Celia days ago, not only angered him, oddly it aroused him.

He did not understand why one moment he wanted to snap Juwon’s neck so bad and the next he wanted to join them in their game of sin.

Who would have thought puerile Juwon had it in him to handle the fire of Celia, she only belonged to real men, she belonged to him.


When Tonia stepped out of her sleek Mercedes, she adjusted her gown so that it hung properly below her knees. She smoothed the fabric on her bejeweled gown, before she reached out to bang the door of her car, shut.

Tonia always exhibited a subtle disquiet of mind.

She was a prim and proper lady, and she walked with her shoulders tight to her body. If she walked past the technical hands at the foot of the tall establishment where she worked, there were always catcalls.

These she ignored, but not without feeling the swell in her neck and the warmth in her belly.
Today, the air smelled of over ripe plantain and of open sewers. The foremen were at work, and sleazy catcalls raged rampant when she sashayed past.

She always took the flight of stairs up to her office and never the elevator as she never wanted to be huddled up in close quarters with the overbearing foremen who littered the foyer.

She had not even properly settled in the spacious room that was her office when customers began to troop in.

Tonia looked in askance at her customer rambling on and on about something she had no interest in, her mind was a million miles away. Just as she struggled to stifle a yawn on her bespectacled face, her phone rang, an alarm for when she should say her morning prayer. This customer with the bloated face was in the way of that and she only managed the occasional nods of agreement.

Momentarily, Tonia recalled the swell of Celia’s breast in the bathroom that day.

She grew tense in anticipation of the night to come. The hands of the clock seemed to move slower, every second a lingering reminder of the fire in her loins that needed quenching. As Madame Jones, her customer, was about to begin another boring gossip, Tonia cleared her throat and stood up, “Madam Jones don’t mind them, I am sure they are wasting their time.” She hoped the response she had given, was fitting to whatever the older woman had been talking about.

“Tonia you are leaving early today?”, Madame Jones asked, quite surprised. “Yes Ma, I have to run some errands,” Tonia responded. She stood up, diligently wiping her palms on a piece of tissue paper, before leaving instructions with her assistant. She did this, wipe her hands every time, because only heaven knew what filth she must have come in touch with.

She walked primly, back to the pristine comfort of her Mercedes and nestled her weary body in the seat.

The wetness between her thighs was a cruel reminder of the night of pleasure sure to happen, consumed with lewd thoughts, Tonia started the engine and sped to her secret destination. She stopped by the store to pick a bottle of wine and some sweet smelling candles, before she made her way into the premises of the compound.

It was deserted.

A lone door, solid as steel, was in the distance, attached to a bigger building, a duplex. A single bulb dangled from across the lintel. She skidded her car to a halt, and when she got out, she took a deep breath and wiped a loose strand of hair from her forehead.

There was the smoothing her gown again, and making sure that it carried no speck of dust with it.

She observed her face in the mirror, ensured that it was devoid of any make up, while running her hands through her hair. She liked to be devoid of make up on Wednesdays because she also had the midweek service to attend. Yes, she was a church girl, but she wasn’t infallible.

She was a holy sinner.

Tonia briskly made her way to the front door. Her determined stride did nothing to stifle the delicious sway of her hips, a beautiful figure moving in the shadows of the setting sun.

She placed a shaky hand on the doors handle and eased it open. The darkness within was not alien to her and she would take a while to acclimatize to it.
But before she could blink, a voice came, loud and authoritarian.

“Drop your bag, be naked, get on your knees and crawl to me.”

“Yes mistress,” Tonia replied, shrilly.


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