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Nike Osinowo bows out of social scene

Nike Osinowo bows out of social scene


Adebare Akinwale

The former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN), who held many spellbound and eating from her beautiful palm for several years seem to have gone into a somewhat anonymous cocoon, even some would describe it as disappearing into oblivion.

For many years Osinowo, who first came into our consciousness when she emerged as the queen at the then premier beauty pageant, Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria many years back around 90/91 to be more precise, reigned supreme courting all the media attention, appearing on the cover of all the magazines available then.

She was the super star that was a delight of the press as many stories and tales were written about her, which titillated the public so much. She was the ultimate mega star from planet Jupiter. From her various out of the world relationships, to many projects that she engaged in, even to her supposed health issues, which gained so much attention.

From being a beauty queen herself, she later took charge of the pageant franchise, which she tried to revamp also for about two seasons before things went south. She even began a TV talk show, also with so much hype preceding it, but it ended up a colossal failure, as many didn’t dig into her or her style of presenting, it was like the larger percentage found the Ibadan native, who could speak 5 major languages- including Japanese and French, somewhat plastic and off-putting.

But even at that, she was still in many face and many still loved her. One of what really made her very popular was her celebrated relationship with Dr. Tunde Soleye, the medical doctor turned top businessman, who for several years maintained a top suite at Nigeria’s number 1 hotel, the Nicon-Nuga Hotel then.

What had gotten everyone’s attention then was that the then very married Doctor, seemingly threw everything to the dogs, not caring and not minding whose ox was gored to move on and in, with the ex-beauty queen.

It was at first like a story made in fairy tale heaven, likes of Cinderella and her Prince, but alas after only a few years, what was supposed to have been forever ever after, ended up a major mud splatting, ego stripping fiasco, that left one member of the duo totally diminished and leaking the wounds, while the other party just went up another gear and moved on with life.

Since the delightsome parted ways, she just seemed to have mellowed down completely and gone totally quiet, away from the same media attention that blasted and propelled her sky high into everyone’s consciousness.