How Earphones Caused a Youth Corper’s Untimely Death

How Earphones Caused a Youth Corper’s Untimely Death


Akinyele Sokoya

The ear piece or earphones as most call it, was created as a convenient way to pick calls without using the hands and to also enjoy music, however it is misused by young people and has led many to their deaths.

In spite of the cautionary tales about earphone use, many do not heed these warnings. This was the sad case of a female Corp member who met her death.

According to reports, just last week a female youth Corper, name withheld who was posted to Ikeja LG,went to do her monthly clearance.

Enroute to the Local government, those in the know divulged to Happenings that she attempted to cross the railway side at Ikeja but had her earphones plugged to her ears and couldn’t hear the horn of the train,she even ignored a man trying to tell her that train was coming and she was involved in a ghastly accident, as the moving train crushed her.

We learnt further that she was rushed to LUTH by NURTW members but she died at the hospital. Hers is a sad reminder of the dangers of using earphones inappropriately

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