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Kolawole Taiwo

Ex-Lagos Deputy Speaker Denies Sending Hoodlums To Attack LG Chairman 

Tunde Ogunmola

A former Deputy Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Musibau Kolawole Taiwo has distanced himself from an alleged attack on the Chairman of Ifelodun Local Council Development Area (LCDA) in the state, Hon. Fatai Ajidagba.

Ajidagba had alleged that he was attacked by touts at Aniyaloye Street, Alafia on Wednesday 18th April, 2018 after a meeting of G10, an organ of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the council area.

The allegation was contained in a national daily of Thursday 19th April, 2018 that a former Lagos State House of Assembly member was behind the attack.

He told the newspaper that the ex-lawmaker has been harassing those opposing his House of Representatives’ ambition with touts.

However, in his reaction to the allegations in an interview, Kolawole Taiwo a.k.a HKT insisted that he knew nothing about the alleged attack.

“We don’t do the G10 meeting regularly, we meet when occasion demands, it could also be very regular depending on the needs of the local government area. 11 of us were at the meeting instead of 10 because a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly from Ajeromi/Ifelodun Constituency 1, Hon. Dayo Famakinwa, was with us.

“Later, we got to the issue of increasing the members of the group. I said the period was wrong and that there were tensions around including the forthcoming general election amongst others,” he said.

Ex-Lagos Deputy Speaker Denies Sending Hoodlums To Attack LG Chairman 

The former Deputy Speaker added that Ajidagba was hell bent on increasing the membership of the group at the meeting and that this led to an argument between the Chairman and himself.

According to him, about 11 names were suggested as addition to the list, but that the most elderly leader of the party in the area, Pa Remi Williams told the Chairman that the matter could not be concluded at the meeting to the chagrin of the Chairman.

Kolawole added that the Chairman bolted out of the meeting after that, while the meeting was still on.

“Ajidagba later came back and said that some hoodlums came with me, but I didn’t go to the meeting with anybody. I did not even go there with my car, I went with Keke NAPEP  (tricycle) just to disguise so that people would not see me.

“The meeting holds in the house of one of our leaders, who was a two-term member of the Federal House of Representatives. I once suggested that the meeting should be rotated amongst the members of the group to forestall the unnecessary traffic of people that come around,” he said.

Kolawole, who is currently the  Chairman of Ibile Microfinance Bank, revealed that he had warned Ajidagba not to give the members of the group anything at the meeting, saying that people would be expecting them to give them something too.

He added that ascribing the alleged attack to him was something uncalled for, and quoted Ajidagba to have said at the meeting that ‘those boys that came with HKT were the ones that attacked me.’

“I didn’t  go there with anybody, I even went there with one of the senior members of G10.  I went in the same Keke NAPEP with another senior member of the group.

“When Ajidagba started complaining, some of the party leaders in the area that went to see what was happening outside said that there were only two or three guys outside, who were probably waiting to collect money from us. The Chairman and I were arguing on something and in the process he got annoyed and went out only to come back and said I sent people to attack him.

Kolawole explained that “Members of G10 are senior members of the party in the council area. They are the apex leaders of the APC in the area.”

The ex-lawmaker revealed that Ajidagba was not supporting his House of Representatives ambition, but that this was not a big deal to him.

He said: “You cannot expect everybody to support you. I do tell my people that ‘don’t be against me even if you don’t support me.’ There is a thin line between you don’t support me and to be against me.

“This is a man that would corner everything they bring from the state.

“The clothes with the inscription of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, he gave members of his group and those of two other groups, he did not give my group because there are four major political groups in Ajeromi. People almost beat me for supporting Ajidagba to become the Chairman of the council.”

Kolawole accused Ajidagba of going to the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Panti to bring policemen, who he said beat up and arrested his friend, who was not even at the meeting.

While describing this as the greatest insult anybody could mete out to him, Kolawole said that Ajidagba usually claims to be the number one person in the local government.

“I am always careful when I want to talk, some of our leaders are well to do, I expect them to say the truth.

“The party’s Woman Leader in the South West, Chief Kemi Nelson organized uniforms for an event and the Chairman brought the ones meant for our local government and he did not give us anyone. He made us look like stupid people in the local government.

“The surprising thing is that why is he pointing accusing fingers at me? Is it because we were arguing at the meeting and you left before the meeting was over?

“That is the high level of disregard. I was in a public office for 16 years and I am still in a public office. So what is so special about his office,” he said.

He wondered why he would send people to attack Ajidagba or knew what happened after the Chairman had left the meeting only to go back and say he was attacked.

“Why should he say I sent people to attack him, when he left the meeting before it ended. How would I know what happened after that. I only know that some party members usually come around to lay siege at the venue waiting for largesse after the meeting.

“They collected all the money I had on me at a previous meeting of the group,” he said.

Kolawole advised leaders of the party to separate the leadership of the party in each local government area from that of the council chairmanship. He maintained that the rule must be spelt out for everybody, wondering why a council chairman should lord it over the party members in the area.

“Nobody can tell a lie about me and go free because I know that the truth would still come out and take over.

“I have never seen somebody like that in my life. I was inside so I did not know what happened outside.

“I will still make a formal report to the leaders of our party on the issue. You can imagine Ajidagba sending policemen to the house of the Women Leader in the area on the pretext that she is a hoodlum,” he disclosed.