I Don’t Need A Private Jet, Paul Adefarasin Tells Congregation

I Don’t Need A Private Jet, Paul Adefarasin Tells Congregation


Adebare Akinwale
Insiders disclosed it is certainly not about the money. But there are deeper reasons lead pastor at House on The Rock, Pastor Paul Adeferasin doesn’t have a private jet. The preacher whose automobiles were given to him by his congregation and grateful individuals, was said to have consistently warned his church members not to buy him a private jet.
“I hope you people are not planning to buy me a private jet?” “Don’t buy it” “I don’t need it” are said to have become his personal anthems on the issue when talking to his “flock”.Those who should know claim though he does not castigate others who own the “joy ride”, the House On The Rock pastor is said to consider the acquisition too much attention-grabbing.
“He believes it brings too much attention at a cost and benefits that are not worth it” a source disclosed. This means Pastor Paul Adefarasin- one of the most comfortable pastors around – obviously believes he does not need to own a private jet to tell the story of his life of luxury or constantly remind others how good his life is.
Apparently, ownership and us we means different things to the pastor who owns arresting automobiles bought for him by others. Adefarasin is confirmed to travel in Private jets which are most times made available to him by owners, for the grace of contributing to his evangelism efforts.
He is said to have about seven private jet owners amongst the congregation that worship inside his church’s over N2billion building – situated in Lekki axis of Lagos.
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