What Next for Big Brother Naija Housemates?

What Next for Big Brother Naija Housemates?

Itohan Ferguson

The most watched reality TV show has come to an end, with Miracle winning the grand price of N45 million, N25 million in cash and N20 million in other benefits, such as the N12m SUV he got,amongst others.

As you can imagine, it is a frenzy at the moment for the finalists outside of the house, with many desperate for a piece of their fame.

While some would pay, by giving monetary gifts and endorsements, to have the popularity rub off on them, there will be those who would take more detestable routes. E.g the slay queen who has offered up her pu**y to Nigeria’s Golden Boy Miracle, See here .

In all of this frenzy, one cannot help but ask a rather pertinent question, what next for these Big Brother Housemates?

Fame is like a visitor that does not stick around for so long and like a visitor, it would take its leave. Even worse Nigerians are a unique audience and are rather fickle, quick to move on.

None is more aware than former Idol contestant, Timi Dakolo and former Big Brother Africa Housemate, Beverley Osu, who have come out on social media to dole out advice.

In Beverly Osu’s own words, “BBN IS OVER, now parasites come through in different forms… especially for the ladies… Don’t jump on any and every offer… learn to spot the real from the users…stand your ground now… DON’T GET LOST IN THE HYPE”.

Their advice has one similarity and that is to ensure that housemates are not carried away by the frenzy and they must take out the time to make plans and strike while the iron is hot. By putting in place what would channel their fame into not just wealth but establish them as lasting celebrities.

Clearly it would be a big mistake for these housemates to think that their fame would last. Thus it is in their interest to put together a team, that would maximize the current spotlight. Otherwise they are likely to end up like past reality Tv participants, who have all but gone into oblivion, because of their inability to maximize their fame when it was at its peak.

For the housemates, those interested in music or movies may tow that line immediately without time to waste. While those who are interested in a business, must channel their fame into turning that business into a money making scheme, because of their idol status.

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