The Other Side of 2018 BB Naija Winner Miracle

The Other Side of 2018 BB Naija Winner Miracle

Itohan Ferguson

Nigeria’s Golden Boy Miracle, who walked away from the just concluded reality TV show Big Brother Naija: Double Wahala with the grand prize of N45 million has become an enigma.

While many spent 82 weeks watching his antics in the house, we are still curious about him. Especially a side of him many do not know.

Aside the fact that the 24 year old has joined the ranks of millionaires in Nigeria, many know he is a certified pilot, if his nickname ‘fly boy’ is any indication, however it is not clear if he had flown a plane in a commercial capacity, as he got into Big Brother Naija house right after graduating from the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria, Pilot licence firmly in hand. He also revealed that he would like to invest the prize money into his burgeoning Aviation career, clearly there is still a long road ahead of him in his chosen career.

Although Aviation is his first love, it does not distract from the fact his Igbo love for business is quite evident and he is concerned about making money.

Many of his fans also do not know that for a man who thrusted himself in the spotlight by participating in Big Brother Naija 2018, Miracle Ikechukwu Igbokwe is indeed a shy man, who only losens up with people he is familiar with.

While Nigerians fell in love with his engaging and humorous antics in the house, many may not be aware that Nigeria’s golden boy can be quite stubborn and unyielding. Put quite simply, he is nobody’s fool

Another thing worth knowing is that, granted it was just a game at first, it would seem that the ‘bromance’ between Tobi, another contestant and Miracle (Toracle) is going strong, this is testament to Miracle’s sense of loyalty which may be blind sometimes.

The biggest mystery of all about the fly boy, is his love life. Those who watched the reality TV show, were well aware of his romantic involvement with house mate Nina, earning them the nickname ‘Mina’. While he carried on like an unattached man, there are rumours that he maybe married as several photos of him spotting a wedding ring surfaced online, leaving Nigerians wondering if this was another Thin Tall Tony in the making.

His brother was quite vocal in refuting the rumour of an alleged marriage or a romantic relationship with any woman outside of the house. Although Nigerians took his explanation of the ring on Miracle’s finger with just a grain of salt, they accepted it all the same.

Since leaving the house a winner, he is yet to be claimed by any woman and he has claimed none, interestingly he has put his relationship with Nina on ice.

Leaving many wondering if he was really in love with her or if she was just a convenience, in plot to win a game.

Then again only time will tell.

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