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Titi’s Erotic Notes: Nneka the Slutty Maid

Titi’s Erotic Notes: Nneka the Slutty Maid

Itohan Ferguson

There is a knock on the door, the man of the house, Tunde makes his way slowly to admit whoever was on the other side, leaving his pregnant wife Gloria in the sitting room.

“Who is it ?” he calls and an aged voice cackles from the other side, “Open the door my son, it is mama”. Tunde hastily engages the locks, throws the door open with a smile on his face to welcome mama and he is left breathless by what he sees before him.

Beside mama is a vision that leaves his heart beating really fast. “My Son”, his mother’s voice brings him down to earth and he lets them in.

He is curious to know who the young, innocent looking beauty beside mama is and she saves him from his torment, when she says “this is Nneka, the maid I brought to help your wife around the house, with the baby almost here, your wife needs all the help she can get.”

Tunde looks at his wife and can see her smiling face, as she thanks mama for her thoughtfulness in getting her a maid. He closes his eyes in regret, trouble just entered his home.

Titi’s Erotic Notes: Nneka the Slutty Maid

It has been a few weeks since Nneka joined his household and he must confess she had been a big help to his wife. Gloria was full of praises for her, because the maid efficiently ran the home, while Madam battled with the challenges of her first pregnancy. However it had come to Tunde’s notice, that with Gloria and other members of the family, Nneka was docile and her head was always bowed, with him, it was a different story.

The maid would become bold and look him in the eye. He was not clueless that he did not see the desire burning so bright in her eyes. He had just chosen not to acknowledge what was there for the taking.

Everyday got harder and harder, resisting Nneka’s tempting flesh, as she would walk pass him gently undulating her beautiful hips or she would lean down while serving his meal and give him an unrestricted view of her braless bossom. Sometimes Nneka would sit in front of him and carefully spread her legs, to give him a glimpse of her juicy pink vulva. What maddened him was the size of her fat clitoris, he had seen nothing like it.wBefore her overtures had gotten this bold, he called his mother to complain, so she would come and take Nneka away, Tunde avoided telling his wife because he did not want to worry her, considering her fragile state.

His complaints to his mother had gone unheeded and Mama told him quite clearly that it was not just house chores Nneka was employed to do. Mama knew that for 7months, he had not touched his wife because she was always ill from the pregnancy and most times she did not want him close, the state of their intimacy had deteriorated that she had asked him to move to the guest room because she needed the bed all to herself. While he understood it was her hormones acting up, it did not make it any less difficult for him. Tunde had masturbated several times to ease the tension and that had done him no good. It wasn’t in his character to lay with a woman he was unfamiliar with, so he could not go to a prostitute, all of this concerns he shared with mama and she had brought Nneka to his home.

His head was reeling from the fire in his loins and Nneka’s seduction. Tunde was tired of fighting temptation.

He made an attempt to snap out of his reverie and tackle the work of the day, only to open his laptop bag to find Nneka’s red panties tucked between his papers. He picks it up and against his will, brings it to his nose, he was dying to know what she smelled like. Tunde takes a deep breath and is assaulted by the musky scent of her pu**y juice left to dry on her panties.

Just the thought of flicking his tongue on her fat clit, left him so aroused and he knew trying to work was a waste of time. There and then he decides to take what Nneka was freely giving, besides Gloria did not have to know.

Hastily Tunde packs his bag, left instructions with his PA and leaves the office. He sat in his car for 10 mins trying to talk to himself out of what he was about to do, but his erect pen*s had gone deaf. The more he tried to rid his mind of Nneka, the harder he got. Tunde drove out of the parking lot and makes his way home.

Titi’s Erotic Notes: Nneka the Slutty Maid

He knew Nneka would be alone as Gloria had hinted him about a doctor’s appointment that day. Tunde trembled, not from fear, but from the knowledge of what was going to happen. He makes his was straight to Nneka’s room and opens the door, he sees her standing in front of a mirror, her body damp, clearly she just got out of the shower. She needs no words, as she dropped the towel covering her body and spread her arms in invitation. Tunde is reeling from the vision of Nneka’s naked body, she was more beautiful than he imagined. Her perky breasts and the obvious curve of her hips is too much for Tunde, his eyes travels to the hairy mound between her legs, Nneka had the fattest pu**y he had ever seen. As if reading his mind, she parts her legs and inserts a finger into her pu**y.

That is all the invitation Tunde needs as he pounces on her. He roughly drags her into his arms and began to kiss her, her seductive moans is like music to his ears. He picks Nneka up and dumps her on the bed, just as he had imagined, he parts her legs and flicks his tongue on her fat clit. She tasted of woman and scandal, as his tongue danced with her clitoris, Nneka melts, her pu**y gets even more juicy, that it overflows to the bed. Tunde is taken aback by her wetness, how can one woman be this wet. As if to test the liquidity of her gushing pu**y, he inserts a finger and then another. She is lost and her moans get louder as she begs him to put her out of her misery.

Nneka is a trembling mass of need, her loud moans and trembling pushes him over the edge as he quickly unzips his fly, freeing his turgid member. He brings the head of his pen*s to the entrance of her womanhood, teasing her.

She moans and opens her legs even wider, that is all the invitation Tunde needs. In one quick powerful thrust, he impales her. To stop himself from going over the edge too quickly, he does not move but grits his teeth in an attempt to hold on to his sanity. Nneka was not having that and began to slowly undulate her hips.

It is Tunde’s turn to beg and he pleads with her to stop before he disgraces himself. He captures both her wrists so she would stop touching him and he proceeded to viciously ride her. Tunde’s thrusts are unforgiving, almost cruel. He was punishing her for tempting him. There is no pause as Tunde kept pounding Nneka. Each thrust took him deeper inside of her, until she accommodated all of his bulk.

Their moans were loud and guttural, their mating animalistic and wild. Nneka matched him thrust for thrust, his desire was parallel to hers. Both kept soaring as the pressure in their loins climbed to impossible heights. Tunde does not stop thrusting as he took what Nneka freely gave. He is going so fast that the bounce of her breasts are almost a blur.

His shout fills the room and he began to fall taking Nneka with him, he explodes into a million pieces. She becomes a fountain as she squirts her release all over him. He frees himself from her prison and collapses on the bed drained. She reaches out kisses him and whispers in his ears, “more”.