Battle of the Baby Mamas: Why Nigerians have no Sympathy for Wizkid’s Baby Mama, Binta Diamond Diallo

Battle of the Baby Mamas: Why Nigerians have no Sympathy for Wizkid’s Baby Mama, Binta Diamond Diallo

Itohan Ferguson

The previous week has been one rife with drama from our favorite Nigerian celebrities. The latest to feel the bite of fame is none other than our very own Star Boy, Wizkid.

Years ago, he was accused of being a deadbeat father, so much so that popular blogger Linda Ikeji and Wizkid became bitter enemies as she outed him on her blog.

It would seem the same ugly accusation is rearing its head again. This time all three of Wizkid’s baby mamas have been locked in a nasty battle, with shades flying all over. While the first and second baby mamas are accusing him of being a deadbeat father, his third is quick to come to his defense.

Sola Ogudugu and Boluwatife

If you are not aware, the Nigerian Star Wizkid is father of three young boys from different women. He had his first son Boluwatife with Sola Ogudugu. His second son King Ayo, he had with Guinean, American based model and video vixen, Binta Diamond Diablo. His youngest son Zion he had with British brand Consultant, Jada Pollock.

His first baby mama, Sola Ogudugu subtly shaded him, when she gave herself some accolades for raising Boluwatife on her own without any help. However his second Baby Mama, Binta Diallo was not so discreet when she came for Wizkid and Jada Pollock, practically dragging them.

In her accusations, she said Wizkid had all but ignored her son and is focused on his last child Zion.

Binta Diamond Diallo and King Ayo

If the Guniean expected to gain sympathy from Nigerians by exposing the star as a deadbeat father, she failed miserably. Nigerians in defense of their idol dragged her within an inch of her life. With many accusing her of attempting to turn her Baby Mama status into a pension plan and milk the father of her child.

The Nigerian attitude to single parenthood is vastly different from most parts of the world. While the West is well aware that it takes two to make a baby, for Nigerians, a child belongs to the mother and it is her sole responsibility to care for that child, especially in single parenthood.

Jada Pollock and Zion

Therefore baby fathers are not compelled to look after kids they had helped create with women they are not married to. It is this attitude that pervades the blame game when a girl falls pregnant by a man that has promised her no commitment.

The usual attitude would be, “she is trying to tie him down with belle”. Nigerians are quick to forget that it takes two to make a baby, thus the pregnant woman did not get herself pregnant.

It is this Nigerian way of thinking that supports the thought that Binta is persecuting Wizkid or attempting to milk him, because her son is her sole responsibility and not his. If stricter accountability measures are put in place, this would reduce the disgraceful numbers of deadbeat fathers who get women pregnant and abandon them.

It is my opinion that a man who is not ready to be father must abstain from sex or use a condom. Afterall when two fertile adults engage in unprotected a sex, it shouldn’t be a surprise if his seed bares fruit.

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