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Is Bob Risky Growing Breasts?

Is Bob Risky Growing Breasts?

Itohan Ferguson

Nigerian transvestite, Bob Risky shocked everybody to the core, when he boldly dressed as a woman and changed his mannerisms. His boldness was even more shocking  in an otherwise conservative Nigerian society, or should I say ‘hypocritical’ one.

This boldness fueled his notoriety even more on social media, while he garnered ‘haturrs’ as he is known to call them, he also gathered slavish disciples, who were ready to troll anybody who said anything negative about their darling Bob Risky.

Even ‘shim’ as he is derogatorily called, became aware of the apparent price of his fame, so to stay relevant, he got involved in ridiculous theatrics after theatrics, the last more outrageous than the first. From his house opening party, complete with colorful asoebi, where Nigerians came to celebrate the ‘mansion’ his mystery bae bought him; to his nonexistent fleet of cars and police escorts he would lie about.

Bob Risky took it a step further when his ridiculously over priced creams, were outed as cheap bleaching agents mixed at Balogun market in Lagos Island. The resultant skin wars,  had ‘haturrs’ taking pictures of his bad skin and throwing it out on social media as an exposé that his over priced body and face cream plus soaps were no good.

Bob Riskyy took his theatrics to whole new heights, when he announced on social media that he is getting married to his mystery bae. He was dressed in a resplendent traditional Yoruba attire, complete with make up and photographs. He even posted a picture of his mystery bae, albeit with a hidden face. Trust Nigerians to investigate the man in the photo, purportedly the mystery bae.

The cross dressing enthusiast was caught in a lie and the photo he had stolen belonged to a US Senator, Eddie Melton, a democratic member of the Indiana State Senate. Just like a pack of cards, his lies came crashing down around him.

Well the latest antics of his, to get tongues wagging at the attention loving Bob Risky, is the fact he posted a selfie of himself in a low cut top.

Surprise! Surprise! he had a cleavage.

Yes you heard me right, Bob Risky had a cleavage, there are speculations that he is well on his way to becoming the first Nigerian indigenous sex change subject. We are talking about the aggressive ‘Caitlyn Jenner’ kind of change.

Our dear Bob Risky may soon be a Barbara.

Is Bob Risky Growing Breasts?