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The Controversial Reason for the Success of Actresses in Nollywood

Itohan Ferguson

As shaking tables go, the latest industry to come under the spotlight is none other than the Nollywood Industry. The back and forth began when beautiful Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe showed off her impressive mansion on social media. See Here: Mercy Aigbe Buys a Mansion

Leaving tongues wagging at how she is able to afford such a luxurious home barely a year since she separated from her husband Lanre Gentry on the grounds of domestic violence.

Nigerians began to speculate, at why only actresses live a luxury lifestyle in Nollywood. Why it is only actresses who buy luxury cars, mansions and travel to exotic locations, leaving their male counterparts broke or financially struggling.

Several Nollywood stakeholders have come out to lend their voices to the apparent financial inequality, chief amongst them is Nollywood producer Aremu Afolayan. According to him, it was impossible for an actor or actress who earn between N50,000 – N100,000 to live a luxurious lifestyle. He went further to say that actresses who lived large did not depend solely on their craft, but are connected to wealthy people who give them side businesses.

Many Nigerians have come out to say that, while Aremu Afolayan was speaking the truth, he was sugar coating the obvious reasons why Nollywood actresses were doing better than their male counterparts.

Nigerians wonder what side businesses are exclusively for the actresses that actors cannot partake in, except the taboo occupation of selling sex. Thus while actors do not enjoy such liberties, actresses may be propositioned by high networth individuals who seek their company in exchange for money.

Clearly this speculation, is spoken of in hushed tones, that Nigerian actresses make money and live large from selling their bodies. Although these speculations are somewhat unfounded.