Humanity First: Imam Hid 262 Christians in Mosque During Plateau Massacre

Itohan Ferguson

Nigeria is a country in the firm grip of not just tribal differences, but religious dissimilarities as well, this is often at the heart of several crisis plaguing Nigeria. However one man stood above religious dissimilarity and chose humanity instead.

An Imam from the village of Nghar Yelwa in Plateau State, name withheld, hid 262 Christians in his mosque in the heat of the Plateau massacre. The Imam who pled anonymity shared the experience with BBC Pidgin. According to him, he hid Christian men, women and children who fled from their villages, as the Fulani herdsmen attack was under way.

He went further to say that he hid 60 women in his home and took the men to the mosque. As the dust settled, the Fulani herdsmen challenged him to give up the Christians he was hiding. The brave Imam chose humanity and told the gun men that those in the mosque where just Muslims.

Recall that in one of the bloodiest Fulani herdsmen raids to shock the country, over 100 people were killed and houses burnt, in an attack that spanned across several villages in the state; Yelwa Hindi, Hana Top, Gindin Apati, Ruku, Shonon, Rasp, Heipang, Kakuruk, Kisan, just to mention a few.

According to reports, the assailants suspected to be Fulani Herdsmen in a coordinated attack, bombarded unsuspecting villagers in a hail of gunfire, killing men, women and children, while also setting houses with occupants on fire.

If we all chose humanity before superficial human institutions, like tribe, race, class and religion, the world be a better place.

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