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Titi’s Erotic Notes: The Personal Assistant (Part 3) 18+

Itohan Ferguson

Oga’s hand rests firmly on Tina’s face as he tries to stifle her screams of ecstacy. It is office hours and they are working on a project of the more intimate kind. Tina’s skirt is hiked around her waist and her legs are unabashedly thrown open as Oga viciously digs her feminine well. Her blouse is unbuttoned and her breasts have been freed from the constraints of her bra.

In between maintaining the rhythm of his thrusts, sucking her breasts and whispering x-rated nothings in her ears, Oga has his hands full.

Her face behind his hand is contorted in pleasure. They are both lost in devouring each other that they pay no mind to the ringing phone, rather it spurs them on. As Tina reaches her peak, she wraps her legs around him, trapping him, whilst pushing him over the edge. She feels him, hot and powerful, gushing inside of her as he embraces his release. They both pause to catch their breaths, as wave after wave of coital tremors run through them.

Tina is reluctant to set him free from deep inside of her, because she fears the frigidity that settles in her soul after coitus with Oga. The moment he withdraws his flaccid p*nis, gone is the passionate moment they had both shared.


Since Dubai, theirs have become a red hot affair and they had f*cked more than they worked. While Tina did not put in that much effort to hide the affair, considering the polite knowing looks her colleagues threw her way, she was beginning to tire of Oga and their lascivious liaisons,the fear of keeping her job left her stuck. While she enjoyed sex with her boss, the aftermath is what she is unable to deal with as she is growing to resent the man who appraises her work ethics on the wetness and sweetness of her pu**y.

As is with office gossip, Tina had learned rather too late that the position of the Chairman’s Personal Assistant is one that is dicey at best. Thus, HR is constantly hiring and firing at Oga’s behest. Although Tina is intent on keeping her job, she is consumed with thoughts of ridding herself of the illicit intimacy, to embrace professionalism. She had not thought that they would carry on the affair for this long.

Tina had reasoned that it would be a temporary dalliance, an itch they would both scratch and get out of the way. Clearly things are not going as she had hoped, because she is being sucked in deeper than she would have liked.

With how quickly his needy hands roamed her body, it is clear to Tina that Oga is not yet tired of their affair.

Just as she rids herself of her unhappy thoughts, Tina sees her, a curvy vision in white walking slowly towards her, the confident sashay of her hips is like a magnet for bisexual Tina, irrestibly drawing her.

The solution to her corporate problem is standing right in front of her. Oga madam was the only way to check her boss’ lust and come what may, she would have her too.