What Separation of Power: Governor of the State of Osun Rauf Aregbesola as the 27th Honorary Member of Osun State House of Assembly

Itohan Ferguson

Nigeria is a country that operates a system of government that gives three of its arms autonomy, leaving what many have come to know as ‘separation of power’. These arms of government are : the executive, legislative and judiciary.

The independence of these arms,  is not restricted just at the federal level, it is at the state level as well. While the federal level has the Presidency (executive), National Assembly (legislature) and Supreme Court (judiciary). At the state level, the executive arm is the Governor; the legislative arm is the state house of assembly and the judiciary is the high court.

The autonomy of these parts, is absolute such that none interferes with the other, neither will any part influence the other. Thus ensuring there is appropriate checks and balance in the government.

At the 3rd anniversary of the 8th Assembly, held at the hallowed chamber of the Lagos State House of Assembly, on 29th June, 2018, the Governor of the State of Osun, Rauf Aregbesola, grandly announced that he is the 27th honorary member of the Osun State Assembly, leaving speculations rife at why a member of the executive arm of government at the state level has been included in the legislative arm, as an honorary member .

The Governor went further to divulge that he sat in the hallowed chamber, uninvited or not, and he was the only state Governor in Nigeria who had the right to operate at the Executive and legislative arm .

Recall that Aregbesola was also made the 41st honorary member of the Lagos State House of Assembly.

With this blatant fusion of power,  many wonder if the executive governor would not influence legislative decisions.

Asking a rather pertinent question, what separation of power?

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