“It makes me feel sad” – Courtois On Chelsea Fans Anger That He Left

“It makes me feel sad” – Courtois On Chelsea Fans Anger That He Left

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Former Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois says he feels sad about how Chelsea fans have reacted to his move to Madrid.

The Belgium international was a Chelsea player for seven years, although the first three was on loan at Atletico.

Courtois said he made the decision to move in March and hoped the club would accept his decision.

“It makes me feel sad and obviously they don’t know all the truth.

“I think in March the decision was already made and I thought the club would accept it.

“Then because the transfer was closed I did not show up because I thought it better not to disturb the team and the squad.

“If I did go there maybe, I didn’t want to be toxic. So obviously it is a pity because I love Chelsea.

“I loved playing there and I am happy to have won two Premier Leagues, a league cup and FA Cup.

“Hopefully it will turn around.”

Courtois said he didn’t mean to disrespect his former club when he claimed “the level [at Real Madrid] is higher than at Chelsea.”

“Obviously you get some things in the media like I said there was not enough quality at Chelsea.”

“I never meant that. I just said maybe in training it goes a little bit faster but that is also the quality of Real Madrid – that is not saying Chelsea does not have quality.”

Courtois says being closer to his two children who live in Madrid was a big factor in his decision to join Real.

“I will always look back with a happy feeling to Chelsea,” Courtois added. “I had a chance to go back to Spain to be closer to my kids. That was an important thing for me.

“I know that a lot of Chelsea fans will understand my decision and I wish them the best. I am happy to see that they have won their first four games and I hope they can go on and win the league.”

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