Eric Cantona : “United Should Have Guardiola Not Mourinho”

Eric Cantona : “United Should Have Guardiola Not Mourinho”

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Eric Cantona believes Pep Guardiola would have been a better fit at United over Jose Mourinho at Manchester United.

The United legend who won four Premier League titles and became a fan favourite in his time at the club believes the club club would still win titles but doesn’t fancy the style of play employed by Portuguese manager Mourinho.

United have lost two of their four games this season, including a 3-0 defeat to Spurs at Old Trafford.

“It’s not so good,” he told the Daily Mail . “But it is early in the season… too early to tell. Manchester United is a great club and will always be great. They will win things, I know they will.

“But the way they play? Not good. The manager has them playing the wrong way for the fans. No fun, no creativity.

“I like Mourinho. He has a good personality but not for United – they should have Guardiola as coach. He should be there, but he is doing magic with that other club. The club I cannot name.”

“Listen. I joke about Manchester City but they are playing great football,” he added. “It’s just that I think Guardiola should be at United. He is the spiritual child of Johan Cruyff – he played under Cruyff at Barcelona and learned everything from him. He’s the only person who should be at United.”

The former United forward also made himself available for the job since Pep is unavailable.

“Well, except for me,” adds Cantona. “I would like to coach. If they called me, I would go; I would enjoy it. They know where I am. Then we would play creative football once again.

“It would be great for the fans, like it was with Alex Ferguson -he allowed players to be creative, treated them as individuals. We all felt special with him. All felt loved. He was always praising. A good man. A good leader.”

United resume League action next weekend against unbeaten Watford who defeated Spurs 3 – 1 before the international break.

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