Single Parenthood: Love and Baby Mama

Single Parenthood: Love and Baby Mama

Itohan Ferguson

The world is evolving, such that the traditional forms of relationship are all but becoming extinct. This inevitably threatens the traditional family unit of Father, Mother and Child, as single parenthood or Baby Mama becomes more acceptable.

While there are ‘Single Fathers’ or ‘Baby Daddies’, the more popular form of single parenthood is the ‘Single Mother’ or ‘Baby Mama’.

Thus, it is a wonder why this new-fashioned family unit is getting popular and how does it affect love?

To understand the origin of single parenthood or baby mamas is to explore the traditional form of love. The traditional and uncomplicated kind of love, meant; boy meets girl; fall in love; gets married and start a family. These days, love is not as straightforward, because of factors like; Social media, money, class, personal interests etc.

People no longer love for the sake of love, they love with a goal in mind. With this sad equation, throwing children into the mix is a recipe for disaster. Children are becoming crutches for emotional dysfunctionality.

In order to tie a partner down or have access to financial gains, children become the tool of choice. This, however, is not a blanket generalisation of the baby mama dynamics, of course, there are exceptions to the rule, while single parenthood has skewered the idea of love, there are instances it strengthens love.

Two people who are not together for reasons beyond their control may share a bond for life. Whatever its worth, let’s bring back the traditional kind of love, which grew into Father, Mother and child.

Having children as a way to patch issues in a relationship is like putting a plaster on a very deep cut. It can only work for so long before cracks begin to show and innocent children become victims.

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